Weapon For Love and War (Danger Days and Gerard Way/Party Poison FanFic)

When Amber is told of her special ability, she has to hide it and is told run as far away from BL/ind as possible. And with the help of her older brother Frank, she nearly escapes but one missed shot of a ray gun costs her 6 years of her life, kidnapped by BL/ind she believes she'll never see the outside world again.
She begins to be known as the The Weapon to the Killjoys (rebels) over the years, and the fantastic four (Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid) plan to bring The Weapon down before Korse, leader of BL/ind, can use it to officially take all of the land to himself and rule over the drugged citizens of America. But when they catch The Weapon they realise what it is and more importantly who it is.

*I do not own the Danger Days or any of the fantastic four I do own the new made up characters and new things added to the plot of Danger Days.
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26. Chapter 25

(Amber's POV)

I almost smiled as I looked at him. His red hair now a dark brown shone in the light, he looked more handsome than I remembered. He smiled looking at me his eyes full of tears that he could let fall, then his gaze fell as he saw my lips, he frowned and his hand covered his mouth in shock. I mirrored him, taking my hand from Korse's grasp and covering my lips, embarrassed. He mouthed 'sorry' and I shook my head slightly, just enough so only he could see, this wasn't his fault. I saw him grab someone, it was Frank. My slight smile grew, as I saw Jet as well. They were all dressed in suits, blending in with the crowd. I swear I'd had never been happier to see these people. I looked for Kobra but he wasn't there, then I recalled the night I was taken. Was he ok? Dammit, I cursed in my head.

My attention was taken away from my family as Korse coughed into the microphone, it echoing through the hall. In that moment I looked down, looking away from everyone but I could feel so many eyes on me that it almost hurt like a thousand pricks at my skin. I heard countless whispers, repeating "Who is she?" "She looks a mess." More tears spilt over, embarrassment consuming me. I saw the drops hit the floor, seeing my reflection I was forced to look over to Korse, for once more afraid and embarrassed to look anywhere else. "Friends! Welcome!" He told the crowd. Everyone burst into cheers and applause, he was loved and I could see in his face he thrived off of it. He shook his hands, his sadistic face failing him as he 'humbly' shook his hands, asking them to stop.

"My friends, I thank you for coming this evening. After 6 years of success, I can't wait to let the celebrations begin but first I have an announcement." He paused allowing the crowd to cheer again. "Many of you countlessly ask me 'Korse, how are you so handsome?'" The crowd bellowed out laughter along with him at his sad little joke. "Oh wait, hang on, wrong question." He giggled. "'Korse how do you do it? How do you grow our brave armies, how do you continually keep us safe from the dreaded Killjoys?' Well, tonight that question will be answered. Tonight, I will reveal your true hero for these years of brilliance." I looked down, I knew exactly who he was talking about. I knew what I'd done, but I didn't want to do it. He wouldn't tell them that though, and I couldn't object anymore. I took in a deep breath trying to deal with the situation. 

"My friends, this is Amber, subject 478. She is probably the most precious thing on this planet right now. She is the one you all have to thank, she created our armies, she got rid of those pesky killjoys, she sacrificed her life, for our needed survival. The would was poisoned before we came and found a cure, all those drugs all those deaths meant something; the evolution of humanity. And we can thank her!" He pointed to me smiling as the audience went crazy. My face sank, I couldn't face them I turned round looking at that door ready to leave, I was ready to leave as soon as I entered. I ran for the door, surprising the robotically clapping Dracs, who didn't react quick enough to catch me. I reached the door and twisted the doorknob. 

My heart fell I couldn't feel it anymore, the door was locked. I turned around in fear, the audience staring shocked at me, I was meant to be their wretched savouir, why was I running away? I saw Korse's red enraged face, death was gleaming in his eyes. I didn't regret my decision, at least it showed the crowd I wasn't a volunteer, at least it showed the guys. I saw two of the three dracs coming for me, they grabbed my arms roughly, I could feel the bruises forming. They dragged me back as I thrashed around, feeling the thread tear on of my lips again, the blood dripping down my chin. 

I was placed next to Korse but the dracs' hands never left my arms. I heard a heckler in the crowd shout; "How do we know she's our hero?!" Korse's attention was drawn off me and he grinned evilly into the crowd. "Come up here young man, I will show you." The man started his walk to the stage, a smile playing on his face. Korse turned to me whispering  away from the microphone; "You'll get what you deserve darling." Then he laughed, throwing his head back. 

I turned my head to the side, ignoring Korse and looking at the young man who was now on the stage next to me. He had dirty blonde hair and was built well, I could see his muscles underneath his suit. He had striking cheekbones and dull green eyes. Korse walked over to him, giving me an evil wink before he spoke into the mic again, what was he planning? "What's your name, boy?" 

"Kojo, sir." He said into the mic, still looking quite smug. 

"And Kojo, have you ever thought of joining our armies?"

Kojo nodded, I looked away from him and to where I knew Party was, hoping that seeing his face would give me courage. But he was gone, as was Frank and Jet. I looked around the area frantically, but I couldn't see them. Maybe they'd never even be here, to be honest, how would they hav=e gotten there anyway? Maybe I had been hallucinating, I wouldn't be surprised, to be frank. I looked down at my feet again, disappointment filling my stomach like a three-course meal. 

"I have Mr Korse, I have my name down on the waiting list in fact." Kojo continued, drawing my attention back to the idiot. Korse clapped him, actually seeming impressed. "Well, Kojo, my boy," He put his pale hand on his shoulder, "how would you like to skip that list and do you initiation right now?" That's when it hit me, I knew what was going on. He was going to make me turn him. I shook in the dracs' grasp, no I couldn't not on stage. I was glad the guys weren't here anymore. 

Kojo looked nervous and uncertain but I knew Korse would win him over with his manipulative ways. "I don't know, sir, I don't know if I'm quite ready." 

"Oh Kojo, come on. Do it now, prove yourself to everyone and help me show everyone how valuable little Amber is over there. You'll be a hero yourself." Korse smiled, looking at my fidgety body non-stop. 

"Alright then, yeah." He said, a proud smile growing on his face. I shook my head at him, making eye contact with him. I begged him with my eyes, his face turned confused. He looked back to Korse for answers. He simply shook his head and smiled at him. "Good boy, so brave." Kojo ignored me then, a few simple words from Korse and a shake of his head had put him in a trance. 

Then the third drac came out from behind me and held my right arm out so Korse could reach it. He grabbed it quickly as I tried to pull it back, the dracs holding me in place. I tried to shout 'Please!' but I simply muffled out a strange sound. It was a sacrifice not worth making as a big gush of blood fell from my lips. Tears stung my eyes. Korse's hand released my wrist and he laughed again it echoing through the silent room. The crowd was so intrigued with what was going on they had forgotten everything else in the world. 

"All you have to do, Kojo, is kiss her. Taste her blood in your mouth and you'll be invincible." Korse said, announcing it to the crowd, I heard them gasp, me along with them. I was shocked Korse would let anyone else touch his little princess. Kojo shook his head grossed out when he found out that he had to do. "I'm not so sure I can do that, sir."

"Why not?" Korse replied looking slightly angered.

"It's...um...gross." He returned looking at me like I was a pile of trash, I looked down in shame.

"But Kojo, this is how it is done, with her blood in your system you will be transformed. Transformed into a strong soldier, able to fight for your country for your rights. You will be able to life men ten times your size. You, Kojo, my boy. will be invincible." Korse said crazily walking around acting out the excitement in his words, I could see them drilling into Kojo's head. He looked back at me again and I could see him assessing what he was being offered in his head. Then he nodded and Korse jumped up, cheering along with the now animated crowd. Kojo came over to me, I tried to run away but the dracs were still there constant. He sighed through his smile and I heard him whisper; "Sorry." Just then his warm hand touched my neck gently while the other cupped my cheek. Knowing I couldn't escape I closed my eyes as his lips my mine. 

I couldn't feel them against mine, thankfully, my lips numb from the blood loss that he was now sucking up, swallowing. I felt his grip tighten on me, one of his hands grabbing my hair, pulling it. I then felt him bite into my lip, causing the thread to only be left in my top lip, I could move my mouth now. But at the same time, I went light headed he drank my bloodthirsty for it. He groaned, in pain and pleasure. I knew the change had started. Then out of nowhere, he went cold, the warmth simply disappearing out of him. 

He dropped to the floor, collapsing. I stepped back, no longer feeling the dracs' drip on me. I held my face in my hands in an attempt to keep the tears and blood in. I fell to the floor now no longer being held up by the dracs' strong grip. Then I waited, staring at the body, embarrassed and ashamed of the events that would occur next. I heard the crowd gasp, I heard the children crying and some of the adults scream out; "YOU KILLED HIM." 

"No, no, no! You don't understand, he is fine, he is in transition. Just wait." I heard Korse protest, shutting the audience up, a deep silence filling the room. 

Then Kojo rolled over frantically onto his back, taking in a deep breath. 

It had started.

He shook frantically, screaming and yelling I agony. His hands were over his face covering it in pain, as my blood ruptured his face. I saw blood on his hands as lumps started to appear on his head and his eyes started to cry blood. These were all 'side effects' of the transition. I started to back up slowly, embarrassed and scared of what was happening, what was happening because of me. 

Then his back arched one last time as he let out one last deafening scream before he dropped limp. "No." I whispered out. I knew it was going to happen but there was always that hope that something might not work or that something might go wrong. 

We all just stared at him waiting, waiting for the inevitable. All of a sudden he sat up, his face blank like a rock, his eyes fully black, that green gone. He stood up robotically, letting the audience see his fully deformed face, it was destroyed, an atrocious thing to look at. One on of the dracs that had been holding me back came over with a traditional drac mask and put it over his head. Then the now 4 dracs lined up in formation behind Korse. Kojo was gone, dead with nothing left. 

A member of the audience began to clap, the others joined in before the whole crowd erupted in cheers and applause, even the children, this was sick. Korse turned to my shaking form and clapped me, smirking once again. I shook my head at him scuttling away. He sighed and clicked his fingers causing two of the dracs to come and pick me up, dragging me back to centre stage. 

"Kojo will now be known as drac YE16. He can now fight for his country like he wanted. He is stronger than he could ever be and guarantees success for all of humanity!" Korse yelled fist pumping the air. I can't believe he'd just used me again to kill another person, and then sold it off as just a patriotic act. "No, he's just dead." I said, just loud enough so I knew Korse could hear.  He darted a glare at me, nodding to the dracs causing one o them to cover my mouth with their gloved hand. 

The crowd continued to cheer as Korse explained further something that shattered my already broken heart. "This is what Amber can do. With her, our armies will be invincible and will continue to grow as we have unlimited resources as long as she lives. And she will live longer than all of us." I turned to him confused. "Once Amber had matured at 18, her blood started to preserve her body. She is 20 and hasn't aged in 2 years, she no longer needs to eat or drink as her body will remain exactly the same as it was 2 years ago forever. She can't die and I couldn't be more proud of my only daughter." Then the crowd erupted once again in a deafening cheer, I simply went limp the dracs being the only things keeping me upright. What? No, this couldn't be real. That couldn't be real, that was impossible. I let out a sob tears that never stopped falling, flooding my cheeks. "NO!" I screamed, crying muffled my speech. 

Suddenly a familiar voice broke the insane celebration of the room. "STOP NOW! Hand her over now you bastards or you all die." The dracs all turned swiftly around to the enemy and I was thrown into Korse's arms. He cuddled me, his arms wrapping around my chest as he cursed himself. I looked over to the voice and saw Frank, Party and Jet. I smiled at them, they were really here, they'd come for me. And they weren't alone. At that moment hundreds of other killjoys filed out behind them, I recognised some of them from the BBQ. I couldn't have been happier. 

I was going to be saved. 

But some of their faces didn't look at me the same, had they seen? Had they heard? I looked down ashamed.

Then, returning my hope, Frank shouted for me; "Amber, you're gonna be ok, we're going to save you." I looked up smiling at him, looking at the tears rolling down his cheeks, mimicking mine. "YOU'LL NEVER HAVE HER! SHE'S MINE, ALWAYS!" Korse yelled back, I could feel him shaking with anger. I was scared. Then he dragged me as I squirmed in his arms over to the door into the corridor. I was screaming and wiggling and doing everything I could to escape from his arms, just to go to Frank's or Party's. Then as we were about to enter the corridor I saw more dracs appear and strat to open fire with their ray guns. I screamed and screamed. And just before Korse slammed the door shut I shouted, using all my energy, "I LOVE YOU!" Then the door crashed closed in my face.  


SONG OF THE MOMENT: Faded by Alan Walker


Sorry about any mistakes as always and also about the violence. 

Thank you for reading. x

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