Weapon For Love and War (Danger Days and Gerard Way/Party Poison FanFic)

When Amber is told of her special ability, she has to hide it and is told run as far away from BL/ind as possible. And with the help of her older brother Frank, she nearly escapes but one missed shot of a ray gun costs her 6 years of her life, kidnapped by BL/ind she believes she'll never see the outside world again.
She begins to be known as the The Weapon to the Killjoys (rebels) over the years, and the fantastic four (Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid) plan to bring The Weapon down before Korse, leader of BL/ind, can use it to officially take all of the land to himself and rule over the drugged citizens of America. But when they catch The Weapon they realise what it is and more importantly who it is.

*I do not own the Danger Days or any of the fantastic four I do own the new made up characters and new things added to the plot of Danger Days.
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23. Chapter 22

Note: This chapter has explicit content that some may find disturbing or offensive. It is not made to be offensive but I felt it was nessecary to show the readers how insane, ruthless and horrific Korse is as a character in this book. This took my hours and hours to write as it was very uncomfortable to write. If you want to skip this chapter I will write a very brief and short summary for you to read at the end of the chapter after the song of the moment. I really don't mean to offend but this is Korse's character and is in real life totally unacceptable and disgusting. 


(Amber's POV)

I let out a whimper and then made myself look down at Kobra, and reminded myself why I was doing this. I took a deep breath my first tear falling down my cheek, dancing down in sync with the drops of blood from my side and my neck dripping to the floor. I looked over to Party, ignoring everything and looked at him, taking in every detail. This was probably the last time I'd ever see him.

I didn't want to forget him.

His hair was a mess, it was red but his brown roots were showing. His eyes were filled with tears, but were still beautiful, brown and green and amber all at once. I saw a reflection myself in them, pathetic. I looked at his perky nose, his soft lips. I remembered how they felt against mine, how I felt complete when we were kissing. I looked at his clothes, just a baggy top and jeans; casual but everything looked great on him. The jeans were skinny, showing off his slim legs; perfect. And then his smaller feet; perfect. He was perfect, and for a few days, he was mine. How lucky I had been to be able to have him, to share my heart with him. I would leave it with him, I hope he knew that and that he wouldn't forget about me. But I hoped that he could move on and be happy, because he deserved that. He deserved better than me. Maybe leaving him would relieve him of all the stress of a relationship and of well me. 

I didn't want to leave him.

But I looked into those eyes one more time seeing his tears dance down his cheeks, waltzing the saddest dance known to man; heartbreak. Taking one more breath of freedom, I turned to Korse. I looked at him dead in the eyes, no fear anymore. I knew I was doing the right thing. I hoped Kobra was going to be ok. He licked his lips, a reminiscence of my blood still there. "I'm ready." I said, my voice hoarse but strong and full of courage. He nodded, that grim smirk playing on his lips, sending chills through every nerve in my body. He held out his arm for me to take, knowing I hated being in contact with him, but his eyes threatened Party's life. I took his arm with my own, his body cold. Then I turned away from the life I had loved the most out of any life I could have had or did have;


We walked to the van and got in the back, Korse pushing me to sit on the floor. He slammed the doors and laughed loudly like the insomniac he was. I stretched my head up wanting one more selfish look as the van's engine started. I saw what I dreaded and desired, there was Frank and Jet. Frank's eyes were already drowning in the countless tears streaming down his face with his hands in his hair, attempting to pull it out in absolute devastation. Jet's face was filled with emotion too, tears threatening to spill over as his head moved between me and Kobra's motionless body, which he was crouched next to. I let out a sob, again realizing what I was really sacrificing. My tears mirroring all of theirs. I heard Frank scream my name as the van was suddenly taken into motion. As we moved down the road my hand met the cold, lifeless glass of the van's back window. I saw Frank running after us. Korse and his Dracs laughed at his pitiful attempt to get me back. Seeing his face and making contact with his eyes was the last straw and my heart broke. My sobs were uncontrollable and I couldn't care less any more of how much weakness I was showing in front of Korse, I couldn't hold it in. I mouthed 'I love you.' to him as his knees gave way and he fell to the ground, engulfed in his tears. Then in less than a second he was merely a dot, too far away to make out anymore. I slammed my fist against the glass in frustration, the sound echoing through the van. Now that I couldn't go back on my decision I simply wanted to go back even more. I huddled myself into a ball, the nagging pain of my side just worsening the crying and making me feel that all too regular feeling of being faint. My breaths turned shallow and a cold hand gripped and rubbed my side, sighing. Knowing full well who it was, I recoiled away and looked at Korse disgusted that he would come near me, even though I knew he always would. "Pathetic mutant bitch." He murmured shoving a cloth over my mouth and nose. It smelt metallic and made it hard to breathe. I started to panic, thrusting around trying to break free of the grip that some of the Dracs now had on me. My eyes involuntarily closed and then there was immediate darkness as I felt myself drift away from reality.

Waking up, I felt usually warm and comfortable. For a moment I thought I was with the guys back in the warehouse, but when I opened my eyes I was faced with a white ceiling with a hanging light, not the warehouse. I remember the events of before and it felt like a weight was dropped onto my chest. I let out a shaking breath, trying to control my emotions as I tried to figure out where I was. I looked around from my lying position not seeing the familiar glass walls of my old cell in the BL/ind headquarters, there were white walls and I think I was in a double bed. This was very usual. I sat up and saw that I was in fact in a bedroom of some sort, I was on a bed with the white sheets over me. I went to sit up and then horrifically realized I was only in underwear. I covered myself up in the sheets; scared and confused. The underwear wasn't even mine, what was going on? This had never happened before. I was terrified, thinking the absolute worst. What had Korse done while I was out? What had the dracs done? I reached to my neck and felt a plaster placed on both sides. He had fed from me, I cried again, my body shaking. I felt so alone and taken advantage of. Why? Why was my life like this? I felt so cold, so vulnerable. I held the sheets around me, wishing it was Party or Frank embracing me, telling me it was going to be ok. 

But it wasn't going to be ok, not anymore. Never again. 

My tears soaked the sheets. Then I noticed the buzz of my side, my injury, Jet's stitches, was gone. I looked down under the sheets cautiously and realized it was gone. They must have used the healing medicine they had here, I've seen Korse use it before, never on me though. It was a white cream with blue and black bits in it that could heal very serious, life-threatening wounds in 5 minutes to a max of 30 minutes. I brushed my hand over it and it felt completely normal. I was so freaked out, what the hell was going on? I wrapped the sheets around me, covering me up and got up, walking unsteadily over the the black door in the far right of the room. I held the handle and roughly, desparate to escape, turned the knob. 

It was locked. 

I ran back to the bed, unsure of what to do, where I was and even who I was. In this world of BL/ind I felt like a different person from when I was with the guys outside. I was the person I had been about 2 weeks ago when I was here before. I was this vunreable thing, that was used and that was alone in the world. I tigthly clung to the sheets wrapped around me, wishing and wishing that I wasn't here. Tears continued to fall from my eyes, staining my cheeks with the sadness I felt I would never escape. I let myself remember how much this place reminded me of hell, how the only thing that gave me hope in 6 years was merely a pathetic dream. I was so alone in this purgatory that something that wasn't even merely real gave me hope. How pathetic this place used to force me to be and how it would force me to be again. I didn't want to live if I was going to have to spend my days here. I looked down through my blurry vision and really looked at the sheets, an atrotious idea crashing into my head. I unclung the sheers from me and started to tie. I started to tie that knot. This may have been my lowest moment.

At that moment, suddenly, the door slowly creeked open. I jumped back in fear, feelign exposed with the sheet no longer able to cover me up. I curled up into a ball and pushed my back up against the wall behind the bed, repeating the phrase "Be brave" to myself quietly. I saw that bald headed loonatic waltz in. I let out a low whimper.  "Hello my little thing." He smirked walking over to me eagerly after locking the door behind him. I tired to look strong, even though that was hard. I looked down at the tied sheets now on the floor and then looked at him seeing so much similairty. His bulging hungry, disturbing eyes  following my gaze and seeing the sheets. He picked it up and tutted, shaking his head. "Darling, no." He came over trying to hug me, as if he could ever comfort me. I quickly scaled along the wall moving far away from him, but still on the bed, covering myself up. His eyes turned to anger but then somehow found amusement laughing, insane, "You know, I'm surprised you don't recognise this room. Well not quite surprised, I have done some redecorating my precious thing." His pet names were like little stabs at whatever was left of my heart. He crawled up onto the bed and came over to me, like a wild animal. His rough grubby hand taking my chin and forced me to look around the room. "Look closely, if you can guess I'll give you a prize my little thing." He cackled, shivers spiking at my spine sharply. Out of my fear I looked around closely and did recognize it. I inhaled a deep breath, recognizing the shape of the walls and floor. I whimpered like a lost puppy and nodded inclining that I, unfortunately, knew the room. He laughed, seeming to lose himself in amusement, his hand left my chin and instead hit the bed as a snarling laugh left his mouth. 

This was my old torture room. This was where I gained my scars, this room was the darkest part of my hell. 

"Well done, well done." He growled at me, clapping mockingly. I looked away from him, not wanting to face him. He was the thing I hated most in the world, I think. "Hey, look at me." He shouted a little noticing my attempt to dismiss him, I couldn't bring myself to turn my head. I don't think I could face his eyes, I could already feel them piercing into the side of my head. "LOOK AT ME!" I still couldn't, I probably should have looked or I'd be punished. "LOOK AT ME, LITTLE THING LOOK AT ME! YOU ARE MINE!" I got a little angry at his remarks, I wanted to scream in his face. I couldn't do that though, no I couldn't do that. Could I? No, I was too scared, but I couldn't let myself just be thrown around like the last time I was here. I had promised I'd stand up for myself. I forced myself to look at his ugly form. "I am no one's." I ordered very quietly. I instantly regretted it, hoping I'd said it quiet enough so he had not heard but he heard. He lashed out and pushed me down, lying on the bed. I felt exposed and tried to cover myself up, but his hands grabbed my wrists, making them sore, holding them captive above my head. He straddled over me, so that I couldn't move my legs. His face came extremely close to mine, our noses touching. I could smell his breath, the metallic fragrance of my blood filling my nostrils. His eyes were hard on mine as he whispered; "You will always me mine, little thing." Then he came closer so that when he spoke again his dry lips brushed mine. "I made you." I swinted my eyes and tried to pull away, not paying any attention to mindless bollocks that he was sprouting. "Your mother used to be so pretty, you look so much like her." I froze, my breath caught in his words. Was he saying what I think he was saying? What? I let out a sob, a shocked and devestated expression on my face. "Now that's not a face you can pull at your daddy." He smirked enjoying my pain. I wriggled under him, I didn't know where I'd go if I escaped but I didn't want to be near him. I could feel him against my thighs. I wanted to be out of here. This couldn't be real, maybe I was dreaming again. He couldn't be my...I couldn't even think it...that word. That word was specifically for my real father, the one who this devil had killed 6 years ago. Even if he wasn't the greatest, Korse was much much worse. I just couldn't believe it. Unknowing what I could or should do, I kept lashing around and screaming. I hoped maybe someone would hear and come to save me. Korse's body vibrated against me as he laughed, he leant his head next to mine and said, with a smile playing on his lips; "The room's soundproof, darling." I sobbed, realizing there was no escape, the door was locked and the room was soundproof. I felt so cold. Causing me to yell out, Korse bit my ear. Licking up the blood, moving his tongue from there to my lips where he tired to kiss me. My mind clicking into action, I figured out where he was intending this to go and seized the oppurtunity when I felt his hands leave my arms and go into my hair. I lifted my arm and as his eyes closed, I swung my fist as hard as I possibly could at the side of his head. He was knocked sideways and groaned out. I shoot up quickly, racing for the door, completely forgeting it was locked. I reached for the door knob and turned it, but nothing happened. Realizing my mistake I slammed my fists into the door, the sound echoing throughout the room. I screamed out in anger. Then I felt a cold metal object against my back.

A knife.

"I should kill you right now, you little bitch." He hissed into my ear. "But I have to admit I want you. I want you my little thing." 

I whimpered at his words, "Please no." The sharp dagger pierced my back slightly, I moaned in pain. He was going to stab me. "Please what?" He said into my ear, pressing himself against my lower back. "Say it, call me what I am, or I'll stab you right here. Come on daddy wants you."  I shook my head, tears were streaming down my face again, my eyes aching. This was so messed up. The knife was pushed about a millimetre futher into my back. "Say it." He hissed slowly as I squealed out in pain. I wanted it to stop, I couldn't believe myself. "Please daddy." I whispered against the door. He laughed quietly, grabbing my hair, pulling it and pushing me against the door harder, crushing my boobs, the dagger going futher in. "LOUDER!" He screamed down my ear. I yelled out in pure pain and torture "PLEASE DADDY." I sobbed, I couldn't believe what my life had come to.  He howled at me, expressing his pure criminal enjoyment of our situation. He then threw the dagger aside and pulled my hair more making me groan through the countless tears. He dragged me over the bed and threw me down, my back hitting the mattress, blood splattering onto it. I looked up at my predator in terror, seeing him take off his clothes. His eyes never left me. "You're a monster." I murmered at him. He really was, the worst one of all. He came over to me, now nude and leant over me, "So are you." He smirked. His hand went down against my neck, squeezing it hard so it was difficult to breathe but not so hard that I would pass out. My hands went over his, trying to pull his hand off me. But he was too strong. I thrashed around hard as his other hand removed my underwear, so I was fully exposed. I feel so uncomfortable and dirty. My body then went limp, I couldn't really explain why but I guess I was paralysed with shock and fear. I didn't want this, who would want this. I didn't want this. I didn't want this. I didn't want this! I prayed in my head for this to stop, I prayed to every God I could think of, begging please. Realizing that couldn't help me I tried moving but I just couldn't. 

I gave up.

I wasn't strong enough, I couldn't. I probably deserved this anyway after all the lives I've ruined. I didn't want this but what could I do. I started to feel his finger nails against my breast, digging into the skin, the blood running everywhere. I couldn't stop this, I sobbed and sobbed. I tried to making myself go numb, or pass out so that I couldn't feel it. But I could feel it and I screamed and sobbed. 

I could feel everything and this was the lowest moment of my life. I really wanted to die.  


SONGS OF THE MOMENT = So Cold by Ben Cocks Ft Nikisha Reyes-Pile


<This link is to the song playing over a video edit of Loki from the Marvel universe, I absolutely adored the edit so much that i just had to share it with you guys, its amazing. It is where I discovered this song too. You should so check it out. The song really fit the tearful mood of this chapter too. :(


Secrets by One Republic                                                                              



If you have suffered from similar events mentioned in this chapter here is a link with a helpline and more information on the horrible trauma - http://rapecrisis.org.za/rape-trauma-syndrome/

Again I am sorry for any offence. If you didn't read the chapter here is a short summary - Amber doesn't get to say goodbye to any of the killjoys and goes willingly with Korse to save Kobra's life. In the van Amber sees Frank and Jet as she gets driven away. Here Korse gets angry with her crying and knocks her out. Amber wakes up in a room that used to be where she was tortured but is now a bedroom. Her wound from when she fell out the van in the previous chapter has been healed. Also when she wakes up she in just underwear, she decides she doesn't want to live and ties a noose from the bed sheets off the bed she is on. At this moment Korse enters and holds her captive on the bed. He reveals that he is in fact her real father. Then he rapes her. 


I hated writing this chapter, Korse is a fucking nob.

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