Weapon For Love and War (Danger Days and Gerard Way/Party Poison FanFic)

When Amber is told of her special ability, she has to hide it and is told run as far away from BL/ind as possible. And with the help of her older brother Frank, she nearly escapes but one missed shot of a ray gun costs her 6 years of her life, kidnapped by BL/ind she believes she'll never see the outside world again.
She begins to be known as the The Weapon to the Killjoys (rebels) over the years, and the fantastic four (Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid) plan to bring The Weapon down before Korse, leader of BL/ind, can use it to officially take all of the land to himself and rule over the drugged citizens of America. But when they catch The Weapon they realise what it is and more importantly who it is.

*I do not own the Danger Days or any of the fantastic four I do own the new made up characters and new things added to the plot of Danger Days.
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22. Chapter 21

(Amber's POV)

"AMBER! Amber!" Frank yelled as he ran over to me. He knelt down and held my head, lifting it off the road. "Amber, can you hear me?" He asked softly. I nodded, feeling so weak that I didn't think I could do anything else. My side was in agony and I could feel blood pouring down my face and my side, the metallic stench filling my lungs. "Ok thank god. Do you think you can walk?" I coughed, trying to speak out of the shock. "I don't know." My voice came out hoarse and breathless. Frank stroked my face and smiled encouragingly saying; "We'll help don't worry." Then he turned around and called Party over, who was just behind him. "Come help me." He ran over as quick as possible and carefully put his arm around me, while Frank did the same from the other side. Then they both lifted me up slowly, I groaned a little as Party brushed my injured side. "I'm sorry, sorry." I shook my head and lay my head on his shoulder as we started to walk across to the warehouse. At first, I was a bit limp, probably paralyzed by fear and dread. But we soon moved quickly but then my right leg gave way and my right side scraped against Frank's side as I fell a little. "Dammit." They both cursed. Then my other leg went and my eyes started to grow weak. I couldn't see anything and I started to panic as I heard Party said "Ghoul, we're losing her. " Then Frank's arm left me and I felt myself be picked up bridal style by Party. This would have been romantic if it wasn't for the gaping hole in my side and my blood everywhere. He started to run with Frank right behind him. 

We entered the warehouse where Jet and Kobra were all ready with basic first aid, like plasters, in hand. Party laid me down on the kitchen counter. He looked at his hands seeing the blood and turned to me in a blind panic. He spotted my side and yelled Frank and Jet over, "She's losing a lot of blood, what do we do?" 

Jet went into doctor mode and said; "I'm going to need to do stitches. I need to get her t-shirt off and find something I can use to stitch the wound up, and get me some bandages." Frank ran off with Kobra into the storage room and Party came closer to me. He and Jet held me up, then leant me against the wall so that I was sitting to some extent. "Amber, honey. We need you to try to lift your arms up please." Jet said holding my hand, squeezing it at times to make sure they didn't lose me. I nodded weakly feeling light headed. Slowly I raised my arms, it ached a little but it wasn't too bad. Then Jet took the end of my t-shirt and started to peel it off. I hissed at the pain and it was tugged off the wound. I looked over at Party and saw he was awkwardly looking away, he was so sweet. What a gentleman. Then my eye lids fluttered down again, my focus fading. "Party, we're losing her. You need to keep her awake." I could faintly heard Jet yell as I felt the vibrations from Franka nd Kobra's footsteps as they re-entered the main room with bandages and something to sew me back together. My heart skipped a beat when I sensed a familiar touch squeeze my hand. I tried to open my eyes but could only manage a squint as if a bright light was being shone into my eyes. Party was there holding my right hand with both his hands, it rested over his heart. I faintly smiled at him. He smiled back and said some words to me, something like "Keep looking at me, you need to stay with me." But i couldn't quite make it out as I felt a stinging pain on my side. I squealed and scream out. "Amber I'm just trying to disinfect it, it's gonna sting but try to focus on Party, not the pain." I nodded and tightly scrunched my eyes closed at the pain, gripping Party's hand so tight. He came closer to me and let me rest my head on his chest. He kissed me on the head, whispering into my hair, "I'm here, come on, it's ok. It'll be over soon." Suddenly a small stabbing pain sprung on my side. I clenched Party's hand again and hid my head in the crook of his neck, like I was hiding from the pain, waiting for it to give up and leave me alone as if we were playing hide and seek. There were about 11 more pricks at my side as Jet thread my skin together, then it was finally over. I let out a shallow breath and opened my eyes as I felt the comforts of a warm bandage being wrapped around my stomach, over the wound. I looked up at Party and smiled brightly, glad the pain was over. He smiled brightly back, glad to see I was ok. He gave me a quick peck on the lips as he whispered; "I love you." 

Which I returned; "I love you too." 

"Party, do you mind cleaning up her face with some disinfectant while I clean up the blood, with Kobra?" Jet asked accidentally interrupting the moment. 

"Sure man." Party said grabbing a flannel covered in disinfectant from Jet. He brought it up to my face and gently patted where I guessed my cuts were; one on my left cheek, two on my forehead. It stung a little and when I flinched Party apologized. 

"All done." He announced throwing the towel into the sink, connected to the counter. Out the corner I saw Frank starting to walk over, emotions rushed to my head as I became frightened that he might have seen our kiss before. I was slightly scared that he was angry or that he was upset. Instead though he came over and kissed me on the head. "You ok?" He asked looking into my eyes and holding the side of my face. I smiled and nodded hiding the pain, leaning into the warmth off of his hand. He pulled away and handed me one of his shirts, which he must have grabbed while Jet was sorting me out. I pulled it on over my head and felt a bit better. "Do you want to move to the sofa?" Frank said. I did need to be on a comfier surface. "Yes please." I croaked. He picked me up, bridal style, making me think back to when Party did too, and walked me over to the couch where he put me down. He hugged me tight and kissed me countless times on my head. "I promise I'll never let that happen again." He whispered, emotion running through his words. I held on tighter to him, hoping it was true but on some level knowing that Frank couldn't protect me from everything. He got up and let go of me, gripping my hand before turning and walking over to Party. Where he could have only been described as jumping on him, giving him a hug. Party returned it his arms around Frank, eyes closed. "Thank you, Party." Frank said. Party nodded and they released each other, with Frank disappearing into the corridor. He came over to me, a wide smile on his face. I tired to sit up from my lying position but my side errupted with agony. Party sat down next to me and carefully lifted me onto his lap. "It'll go away eventually babe, you'll be ok, just rest." He kissed me loningly on the cheek, "I love you." I smiled through the pain, it becoming more faint as I was numbed by his love and warmth. "I love you too." I said falling asleep quickly, too weak to do anything else. 

I awoke in the middle of the night to a stabbing pain in my side. I groaned and opened my eyes, my hand going to my side. I saw Party, still here, now lying down next to me, his face along side mine. He looked so relaxed all stress gone from his face, he looked beautiful. Not that he didn't usually, but he just looked so content. In his sleep he could be anything, I wondered what he was dreaming about, whether the world in his head was better than the one out here. I wondered if I was there, if I was less of a hassle in there than I was out here. I secretly promised myself that I would protect him from anything, even if it meant my life. It came out of nowhere but it was needed; I loved him too much now. I probably wouldn't be very good at protecting him, he'd probably protect me more. But I could take care of myself, I was an independent woman, I could take care of him too and I would. I would try to protect everyone, everyone I loved and that he loved. This was my promise.  And my prize for at least attempting would be to see him like this, every night, asleep, alive. I'd probably have to ask the guys to try to train me with a gun but eventually I would be able to crush BL/ind then we could live happily. After today I just felt so weak and defenseless, like the damsel in distress. I didn't want to feel like that, I wanted to be free and strong. I wanted to be rid of Bl/ind. They kept ruining my life. Trying to distract myself from these ugly thoughts I drifted off again after that, the pain long was forgotten. 

The sound of voices woke me in morning. I groggily opened my eyes to once again be met with Party, still content and sleeping. I closed my eyes again comforted by his presence. The voices made themselves present again. "They're such a cute couple aren't they?" I heard Jet say. 

"Cough, cough, sister." Frank replied.

"Yeah ok whatever, but they both seem so happy."

"I agree actually. They are. I can trust Party with Amber, he'll protect her." I could frankly hear the smile on Frank's face. "He will, but she needs to learn to defend herself too, just in case. One she's recovered we could give her a gun?" Jet tried to confirm.

"I guess, but I don't want that for her. Being a killjoy changed me, I don't want her to change, she's too fragile." 

"She stills needs some form of defense, they know our location now. They'll come after her. We need to keep an eye on her." Jet argued. "You're right, we need a plan for when that happens. Tell me when Party wakes up and we'll start that."

"Will do Ghoul." Jet said, I could hear Frank's footsteps start as he walked away. He stopped, "Will she be ok Jet?"

"She'll be ok, she's strong." 

"Yeah, nobody, not even BL/ind can break my sister." Frank said proudly, making me smile. I heard him walk away and Jet start to mess around with something. I opened my eyes again, gently reaching for my side, feeling for any wet spots to see if my stitches came out in the night. To my relief Frank's t-shirt was dry. I looked over at Party, still asleep. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips, for no real reason other than that I could now. I pulled away and saw his eye lids flutter like the wings of a graceful butterfly. He looked into my eyes and smiled, "Morning beautiful." I blushed looking down. 

"Morning." He smiled and pulled on my chin, so our lips met. His lips were gentle against mine and slightly dry with the morning. My hands were on his face, cupping his cheeks feeling his cheekbones. His hand went to my side, unknowing, it touched and a pain rushed through me. I pulled away and squinted a little, trying to mask my pain not wanting to hurt his feelings. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, are you ok?" He asked worried sitting up, looking over my side with panic. "Yeah I'm alright, don't worry." I replied, immediately contradicting it as I tried to sit up and almost scream as my side jolted with sudden pain. "No you're not, don't strain yourself. Let me help." I nodded, sad that this pain was all too familiar from some of my times in BL/ind. He crawled off the couch and came round, gently turning me round and resting my back against the arm rest of the sofa. "Thanks Party." He pecked me on the lips and walked over to Jet who was looking over at us lovingly, like a fangirl or something, it made me smile. Party came back over to me with a glass of water. "Thank you." I said as I took a few sips before placing it in between my legs. "Do you want your book? You might want it, you're going to have tp relax a lot today so you can recover, right doc?" Party said tucking my hair behind my ears. 

"He's right, lots of rest. I've called Dr Yoongi to come and look at you later today by the way." Jet replied. I groaned, already fed up with lying round all day. Party kissed me on the cheek and said "I'll go get that book." 

After a day of being fussed over, pain and boredom, night started to come. The red and orange of the sunset shone in through the windows, shining off my black hair as I started to snuggle under a blanket, ready for sleep. Everybody had said their goodnights apart from Party who was outside shutting down the trans-am or something. Kobra had gone out a few minutes ago to get him in before it went too dark. We all had a new curfew because of the attack from the Dracs yesterday. In fact Kobra and Party should have been back by now. What was taking them so long? Unfortunately answering my question I heard someone scream and yelp outside. I shot up from lying down, regretting it instantly as my side ripped open a little, blood dripping out. "Dammit." I cursed as another scream went off. Knowing I couldn't let one of my friends get hurt I got up slowly and limped over to the counter grabbing Frank's spare ray gun off the counter. I took a few seconds to catch my breath before I started to limp over to the door, the gun tightly gripped in my hand as I flipped it off safety with my finger. My other hand gripped my side trying to support myself. 

Once outside I was met with a horrifying image. 5 dracs were stood around Kobra who was on the floor, motionless, kicking him and pointing ray guns at him. "STOP!" I shouted, pointing my gun at them shakily. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" I heard them all laugh spookily as they then picked him up, one of them ho,ding a gun to his head. I was about to try to shoot at them when my attention was brought to a van behind them. The doors burst open and two figures walked out. They came around and I almost dropped to the floor because of the fear that swept through me at the sight of Korse and The Woman. "No..." I whispered knowing that this was it. 

"Oh yes." Korse grinned, coming over to me. "Hello again little Weapon. It's been a while." He came up to me, right up in my face and held my chin, making me look into his sickening eyes. "Now the last time I saw you was when that little shit over there, shot me in the shoulder." He snarled, his smile fading anger filling up every inch of his face. "Do you remember that? Little bitch." He yelled, throwing me to the floor. I screamed out in agony as my side hit the sandy floor. He laughed, so coldly chills danced down my spine. Turning round he skipped a little twisting out his hand as he shot at Kobra's shoulder, making him cry out. "NO! PLEASE STOP, PLEASE!" I shouted, hoping someone else in the warehouse would wake up or that Party would come round from the back. I tired to stand up, to stand my ground but it was hard. I groaned and squealed until I was finally on my feet. "Aww, didn't you like that missy? Little mutant didn't like that, you hear that boys?" Korse shouted to his dracs who were the only thing keeping Kobra up right at this point. All 5 of them laughed, pushing Kobra around to taunt me. "Just want do you want? Just please stop hurting him." I begged, I couldn't stand them hurting Kobra. "What do I want? WHAT DO I WANT?" He screamed out. "I want you, my armies are at a halt and I've got no play thing. I even put my party on hold for you little Weapon. YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME!" He yelled in my face. 

"She can sure try though." I heard a familiar voice snarl from behind me. I turned round and saw Party with his ray gun. I let out a sigh of relief, glad he was here to help. "Oh look who's here! It's little Party, Gerard, how are you?" He smirked. 

"I was great till I found out your sorry ass was alive." He replied walking in front of me, both hands holding his gun forward straight at Korse's head. "Oooh, someone's feisty today. What's wrong? You don't like me messing with your girlfriend, or is it your almost dead brother?" 

"You shut up or I'll blow your brains out!" Party yelled, anger was pouring off him like steam. "I prefered talking to your girlfriend Gerard, she was much more willing to comply and beg." He kept picking at Party's name knowing it would annoy him. "Amber I'm talking to you now. I'm gonna level with you, I'll trade you for the scrawny thing over there. Deal?" He asked pointing at me, smiling grimly. I considered his offer, I didn't want Kobra to die and if I said no they'd definitely kill him. I wanted to stay here and be free but I had to save Kobra, he was part of my family and I promised I'd give my life for them. I had to, I would stand up for myself more this time though, I wouldn't be thrown around. I couldn't belive I was going to have to go back to that hell. "You promise you won't hurt him?" I asked walking unsteadily in front of Party. 

"No, Amber. No you can't do this. We can save Kobra without giving you up." Party begged having grabbed my arm. "I have to, I can't risk his life over mine. I'm sorry, I love you." I said goodbye wanting to just run up to him and kiss him, hug him. But I couldn't I couldn't show weakness in front of Korse, even though I was already limping and close to tears. "See, she's got some brains." Korse laughed loudly, come over to me and taking my hand, walking my over close the dracs holding Kobra. "Let him go." He commanded. The 5 dracs dropped Kobra to the floor, he collapsed coughing, barely alive. They all walked over to the van in formation, getting in, the Woman along with them. 

"Thank you Gerard. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together." Korse cackled as he licked the side of my face, his tongue like sand paper against my cheek. "YOU BASTARD, GIVE HER BACK" Party shouted so angry. "No chance, we made a deal." He paused. "Of some sorts." He laughed that laugh again. I could see Party's fingers shaking over the trigger about to shoot Korse. I wanted him to do it so bad but that would probably get him and everyone else killed, I couldn't let that happen. "Party, he's right. I hate it but he's right. I can't risk everyone's life for mine, I'm not worth that. If you love me you'll let me go, please. I don't want you dead." I pleaded, Korse stupidly nodding along beside me. Party groaned and threw his gun at the floor, sand flying about. I mouthed 'I love you.' to him, he looked back at me disappointed, angry and devastated. I felt Korse's tongue on me again, on my neck, then his filed down fangs dug into my veins making me scream out. His finger nails also digging into my injured side, with his fully aware of the pain it was causing. I felt him start to suck the blood out of my arteries again, that familiar fuzz of pain returning to me. He brought himself away and whispered into my ear, just loud enough so Party could hear, "You're mine."  


Soz about any mistakes hoped you enjoyed. 

SONG OF THE MOMENT: 4am by Adore Delano 



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