Weapon For Love and War (Danger Days and Gerard Way/Party Poison FanFic)

When Amber is told of her special ability, she has to hide it and is told run as far away from BL/ind as possible. And with the help of her older brother Frank, she nearly escapes but one missed shot of a ray gun costs her 6 years of her life, kidnapped by BL/ind she believes she'll never see the outside world again.
She begins to be known as the The Weapon to the Killjoys (rebels) over the years, and the fantastic four (Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid) plan to bring The Weapon down before Korse, leader of BL/ind, can use it to officially take all of the land to himself and rule over the drugged citizens of America. But when they catch The Weapon they realise what it is and more importantly who it is.

*I do not own the Danger Days or any of the fantastic four I do own the new made up characters and new things added to the plot of Danger Days.
Playlist for all the songs used in the book on spotify, called 'Book Playlist (WFLAW)'. I do not own any of the songs mentioned.


18. Chapter 17


*image above is of map described in the chapter. Also it would be good to note that in my version of Danger Days (the original concept belongs to Gerard Way) the land the killjoys do own is small, but this is just one Killjoy colony (the NY one). Across the rest of America there would be many more colonies but this one is the main one as it has the leader of the killjoys (Dr D) in it and is so close to the BL/ind headquarters too. Also it has the four guys, who are meant to be the most famous and best killjoys. Anyway enjoy the chapter and sorry for any typos or scruffy bits*


(Amber's POV)

A week had pasted since I had shared the kiss with Party and since me and Frank had our conversation about it all. Since then I hadn’t heard anything from Party, I’ve barely seen him at all; I think he’s been avoiding me. This made it easier for me though, without him trying to make conversation and whatever I could get over him quicker. If getting over him was even possible that is. Every time I’d thought I’d made progress, I’d bump into him in the corridor or outside and just the sight of him would send me head over heels again. But apart from that everything seemed to go back to normal, two of the guys would go out for raids every two days and Frank, who had been suspended from missions and raids apparently, had been un-suspended. The guys, well Jet, had said that they would usually be set a mission by Dr D every week, unless there was an emergency mission, and were actually expecting a mission pretty soon.  Kobra, who I had been getting on well with over the past week, had gone to get the radio from the Trans Am out back and all of us apart from Party were now sat round it in a circle on the floor. We changed the channel from the normal broadcasting channel that every killjoy ever could hear to the four’s personal channel for their missions from Dr D. As we all waited an uncomfortable aura started to form, breaking it I asked the question “What was your guys’ last mission?” They all looked up and straight at me awkwardly. I got confused at first but then a quiet o left my mouth as I realised it was me. I just had to go and make the silence even more awkward didn’t I? Just as Jet opened his mouth to say something he was interrupted by someone entering the room. I turned round and saw it was Party. I got a few butterflies in my stomach at seeing and I could feel my face getting hotter the longer I looked at him avoiding my gaze. So I just turned back round and stared blankly at my hands telling myself that I didn’t need him. He said a quiet “Hey” which all the guys returned and then sat in between Jet and Kobra, who was sat next to me with Frank on my other side. Just as Party had sat down, the radio in the middle of us all started to buzz. We all leaned in further not wanting to miss the briefing. Even though the guys had probably completed thousands of missions before, I really hoped that it wasn’t one that was too dangerous; I didn’t want any of the guys to get hurt. Especially since they were all still recovering from their mission to get me; particularly Jet with his eye that had gotten shot. He was wearing just a bandage at the moment but said he had found a leather eye patch to wear over it when he was going on raids and missions. A few days ago actually he had gone to the killjoy doctor, Yoongi, to get it checked out. Yoongi had said that he didn’t know if Jet’s sight would ever come back but there was still a chance; the best thing to do, he said, was to keep it clean and out of the sun. And that’s what Jet always did.

          Interjecting my thoughts was the radio buzzing louder again, then a very familiar voice emerged from the speaker. “Killjoys, good morning my sunshines. Do you read me?” Dr Dickface’s voice rang out. Everyone looked at the radio in disgust for a moment; probably because of the events of the last time me, Party and Jet had encountered him. But then sensibly putting that aside Jet answered “Loud and clear sir.”

“Good.” He replied bluntly. “Now there have been multiple Drac fire and ray gun attacks at the edge of the east region of the 3rd allotment, not far from you in the east of the 1st allotment. I have sent in multiple teams to take down the units of Dracs but they keep coming back. They have regrettably taken control of nearly the whole section of the east of the 3rd allotment. I need your whole team to go in and take back that part of our land. The Dracs have also taken the residents of that area hostage; I need you to also get those killjoys back. But the priority is taking back the land.” All the guys nodded at their briefing, some slightly angered at the fact that Dr D hadn’t thought that saving the people was the priority but they didn’t look surprised. Party spoke for the group saying “We’ll take the mission sir.”

“Fantastic.” Dr D said both triumphantly and menacingly at the same time. “Any questions?” Party looked round at everyone as they all shook their heads. “No sir.” He said, confirming everyone’s understanding of the brief and the lack of need for any questions. “Good, good. Now just before I go I would like one of you to drop Amber off at my station again to talk, before you-” Before Dr D could finish he was interrupted by Frank speaking up.

“Amber will not be meeting you.” He said firmly.

“But Ghoul I need some information on the Dracs and BL/ind. I promise she will be in good hands.” Dr D said trying reassure Frank of the circumstances. I don’t think it was working though as Frank simply seemed to get more aggravated. It wasn’t really reassuring me either, I knew that I didn’t want to see Dr D again; even his voice was hard for me to listen to. To be completely honest Dr D scared me, he reminded me a lot of Korse and the last time he’d seen me he had made me cry. But despite my allergic-like reaction to going to see him, my attempts to stand my ground were none; I was just too frightened to even properly stand up to this guy. Dr D was really a very odd leader that was picked for the killjoys, if he was picked that is. “I’m sorry sir but if Ghoul does not wish for Amber to meet with you then she will not meet with you.” Surprising Party said, taking control of the situation as Frank tried to calm down his anger. “Oh I see.” Dr D replied, sounding highly puzzled. “Well I guess she could always send me the information. As long as you boys are doing the mission that’s all that counts. Thank you killjoys, I wish you luck.” He finalized sounding much more confident. “You too sir, thank you.” Party said breathlessly as the radio went dead, leaving just the buzzing noise again until Kobra picked it up and turned it off. He muttered something about putting it back in the car and calmly walked out of the door. “Thank you.” I muttered quietly, aiming it at Frank and Party. I really did appreciate them standing up for me. Frank, seeming to have calmed himself down, smiled at me and pulled into a side hug before getting up and walking over to Jet. I looked away from him and saw that Party, for the first time in a week, was looking at me. I made contact with his beautiful hazel eyes and felt once again the butterflies fill my stomach. He smiled at me nodding his head but then looking up and behind me his smile faded. He quickly got up and walked away over to Jet who now had a map in hand. I sighed slightly but remembered that I was trying to keep my distance from him. I got up and turned round to see Frank stood there with his hands on his hips looking over longingly at Party; I let out another sigh and pulled him in for a hug. I don’t know why I’d given him a hug, I just needed one and from the way he was looking just then he needed one too. Slightly thrown off guard Frank cautiously put his arms round me and asked, kissing me on the head, “What’s wrong?” He asked, presenting his concern.

I shook my head. “Nothing.” I said, “It’s just I love you.” It was true too; I did love him and wanted the best for him as he did me. “I love you too Amber.” He said, I could tell, through a smile. I snuggled further into him and hid my head in his chest. He kissed my head lovingly again and we just stood there for a while until Jet called us over. “Ghoul, come on we need you to help us plan.” We broke the hug and Frank took my hand, taking me over to the guys, Kobra too; he must have come back in while I and Frank were hugging.

           Party, Jet and Kobra were sat on the floor, with me and Frank joining them. In the middle of the circle, close to Party, was a map. As the guys started talking about strategies, I studied the map trying to recognise it or see some familiarity in it. It was quite a plain map, with North, South, East and West in the right corner of it and a drawn on ‘#3’ in the other corner. Right in the centre of the map was different parts of the land outlined in blue, red and green, with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 in the selected areas. Further to the left of the map was a white blob. I got quite confused looking at all the lines and nudged Frank. “Frank, where is this?” I asked still staring interestingly at the map.

“Well, this was New York. But now it has been split up into BL/ind and Killjoy territory.” He answered. Pointing to a purple dot I hadn’t yet spotted in the red section of the map, with a number 1 in, he continued, “This purple dot, is us.” And then pointing to another orange dot in the same section he said “And this orange dot is Dr D’s radio station. They are both in allotment 1, which is mainly living territory for the killjoys. Allotment 2,” he explained pin-pointing the blue section of the map, “Is mainly where we store group supplies and is basically party central.” I laughed as he made a cheeky smile. The guys must have had some good times there. “And then the final part of killjoy land, allotment 3, is where we go on raids as well as outside killjoy land though, and where some other killjoys live.” I nodded showing my understanding. Then reminding myself of the white blob I indicated to it and enquired “What’s this?”

Awkwardly he answered saying “Um…that BL/ind headquarters.” I nodded in understanding and quickly took my mind off that place asking “Where did the Drac attack happen?” He smiled, seeming proud that I’d been able to look past the subject of the headquarters and the fact that I must have been getting over my past. I smiled back at him lovingly, as he explaining; pointing to the far left side of the green section (allotment 3) “Around here.” I nodded and lent on Frank’s shoulder as the guys all started to put forth their ideas of routes and strategies and plans. And as I drifted more and more out of the conversation, I yawned and felt myself getting tired even though I ‘d had an early night last night. Keeping myself up I got up and went to go find my book, which I was near to finishing. “Where are you going?” I turned back round to the group and saw Frank asking. I smirked and said “Just to get my book.” He nodded and turned back round, getting back to planning.

         I walked down the corridor remembering briefly that I was reading in the storage room yesterday. I walked in and as I suspected saw my book straight away on one of the selves. I smiled and picked it, putting it under my arm. Then just I was about to walk out and go back into the main room, a new mug on the mug shelf caught my eye, I walked over and picked it up. I recognised it as an MCR mug, it was plain white with the letters MCR in a circle of guns, one of the guys must have picked it up on a raid. I smiled at the thought of Frank and the guys’ old band and then frowned at my disappointment of never being able to get into their music while I had the chance, because of my dad. I mean I heard the odd song and watched some of their videos from their concerts. It annoyed me that I was the sister of one of the members of one of the biggest rock/pop punk bands ever, a situation that so many girls would have wished to be in and I hadn’t even listened to a full album (even if they’d only ever released three). I sighed and put the mug back down on the shelf, slowly running my hand over the others on the shelf. I realised that I’d never really taken the opportunity to have a good look through all the stuff the guys had in here. I walked to the boxes to have a peek, but I didn’t move anything, I didn’t want to be too nosey. I was finding all sorts of things like all pop CDs, different clothes that still had labels on, a lot of socks and some other random things. I was just taking out some beats headphones to look at when something awful caught my eye. I put the headphones down and walked over to another box, I looked in and saw the thing very thing I was dreading it to be.

My dress.

The very thing I had been wearing when I’d come here. The memory of me throwing it aside in here, while Frank was finding my jacket came back to me. I sighed and got goose bumps as I leant in and picked it out of the box. I held it by its shoulders and looked over it. It was a mess that’s for sure, around the neck hole was a big splodge of dried blood with smaller dots around it. It was disgusting, I could even smell the metallic blood radiating off it, my legs went weak as I realised that all that blood was mine, even the blood stains from when it had been washed once in a while at BL/ind, they were all mine. I got angry then, at BL/ind for what they’d done to not just me but what they’d put everyone through, and for the first time in a while I felt violent. I just wanted to take this dress and rip it to shreds as  little way of getting vengeance and showing my horror of the crisis’ they had caused the whole of America. I groaned loudly and started to tear the dress apart. It was hard at first and made my hands sore but the small gown was gone after a bit just leaving itself as pieces of bloodied material dropping to the floor. Once I couldn’t rip anymore, I sat on the ground next to the remains and thought about BL/ind and what must have been happening over there now. It would probably just be the usual of sitting and watching surveillance cameras of around the building and making ‘important’ decisions about Dracs. I huffed, glad that I wasn’t there anymore. Then I remembered that Korse was dead and that tings might not have actually been working as smoothly as I was reckoning. But was Korse really dead? Surely a Drac as significant as him couldn’t have just died like that; he must have been able to survive a ray shot to the shoulder. Not that I wanted him to be alive that is, but I just didn’t want to pretend that him being alive wasn’t a possibility. Pushing those thoughts aside I picked up the pieces of dress and put them into a box. I was about to sit down and read my book when Frank called my name. I exhaled loudly disappointed that I hadn’t gotten to read my book yet and put it back on the shelf; making my way back into the main room.

         When I got there all the guys were there, putting their ray guns in their straps and getting ready to leave it seemed. Upon entering I asked “Are you guys leaving already?”

Frank nodded and said “Yeah, if we don’t move fast the Dracs could take over more of allotment 3 and the hostages could be killed; we need to get there as soon as possible. Sorry Amber.” I nodded and looked down sadly, thwarted that the guys had to leave me alone so soon. Frank came over and gave me a goodbye hug. “Be safe ok? Please be safe. I know you do raids and missions lots but please be safe.” I said into the crook of his neck as I took him in closer. I nodded against me and kissed the top of my head and confirmed “I will be, I promise I’ll be back before tea.” I smiled and broke the hug saying “You better be.” He giggled and walked over to sort out his ray gun. I walked over Kobra and Jet and said to them both “You guys better stay safe. I know you do these things a lot but, please be safe.” They both smiled and took me into a group hug saying that they would. They then went out with Frank to get the Trans Am ready; leaving just me and Party alone. He was about to rush out when I stopped him, saying “Please stay safe too. I know things are weird between us but I wouldn’t want to lose you either.” He turned round and looked at me, kind of shocked. Then he smiled at me, glad that I cared and said “I promise I’ll be safe.” I smiled back and then we got stuck in a lovingly stare off at one and other. Even though we were further a part I could still all the beautiful details on his face and once again got countless butterflies in my stomach and goose bumps on my arms. “PARTY COME ON YOU SLOW POKE.” Frank yelled from outside, breaking out moment but making us both snigger. “I guess I better go. Goodbye.” He said softly, checking over his shoulder as he walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed heavily as he then walked out without another word said or another glance given.


Song: Heroes by David Bowie

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