Weapon For Love and War (Danger Days and Gerard Way/Party Poison FanFic)

When Amber is told of her special ability, she has to hide it and is told run as far away from BL/ind as possible. And with the help of her older brother Frank, she nearly escapes but one missed shot of a ray gun costs her 6 years of her life, kidnapped by BL/ind she believes she'll never see the outside world again.
She begins to be known as the The Weapon to the Killjoys (rebels) over the years, and the fantastic four (Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid) plan to bring The Weapon down before Korse, leader of BL/ind, can use it to officially take all of the land to himself and rule over the drugged citizens of America. But when they catch The Weapon they realise what it is and more importantly who it is.

*I do not own the Danger Days or any of the fantastic four I do own the new made up characters and new things added to the plot of Danger Days.
Playlist for all the songs used in the book on spotify, called 'Book Playlist (WFLAW)'. I do not own any of the songs mentioned.


17. Chapter 16

(Amber's POV)

Coming to my senses, I felt the light on play on eyes lids. Opening them I saw the sun’s rays shining in from the open door, meaning the guys or at least one of the must have been up. Groaning quietly I rubbed my eyes and slowly sat up, processing my memories from yesterday. The memory of the kiss to forehead surfaced. Automatically my hand went to the spot; I still wasn’t sure who that had been. For all I know it could have been Red, I smiled at the stupid thought of it.  Pushing the blankets away, I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I walked down the corridor and heard nothing but a small rumbling in the storage room. I paused on my journey and took a peak to see who was in there; it was Frank. He was sat on the dusty floor, cross-legged with his feet bandaged and shoeless, wrapping bandages around his burnt hands. I couldn’t really see the extent of his injures from where I was stood but they still looked very red and very sore as you could tell from the little groans and squeaks he would make when he’d catch a bit of flaky skin with his hand or the bandage. I sighed at him quietly and walked into the room and round to in front of him. I stood there and watched him pause his actions and look up at me with an annoyed groan escaping his lips. “Sorry.” I mumbled, not really sure what I was sorry about. He didn’t reply and simply looked back down at his hands and continued to bind his hands in the bandage. I sighed again and sat down cross-legged in front of him; he didn’t react and continued to ignore my existence. Seeing him start to struggle again and groan from the pain; I put my hand on the bandage he was holding. He halted his action and looked up at me confused and aggravated. I took the bandage from him and the hand he was half way through bandaging. Surprisingly he let me gently bind his hand instead and much more quickly may I add, as well as less painful. We sat there in silence as I finished binding and as softly as I could I tucked the loose end under the rest of the bandages and then took another long bandage out of the first aid kit that I found next to Frank. “I could have done this myself you know. I did do my feet.” He hissed irritably, finally breaking the silence. “I wanted to help.” I stated simply, telling the truth. He simply ignored my comment completely and watched me finish off bandaging his second hand. Afterward he just sat there for a while seeming to just be off with his thoughts, I just sat there staring at his head looking down with his black hair falling in front of his face. An awkward silence started to arise, so I broke it quickly asking “Where are the guys?”

“I don’t know, shouldn’t you know where your boyfriend is?” He almost spat at me.

“Frank, he’s not my boyfriend.” I made the point, I was annoyed at Frank for being a bit of an ass but I think had a right to be an ass right now because of last night so I pushed it aside.

“He might as well fucking be.” He mumbled fiercely as he stood up. I followed, standing up also. “Frank, you know it was an accident and I’m really really sorry about it.” I apologised feeling the guilt start to pile up inside again.

“It didn’t look like much of an accident when you had your hands running through his hair.” He shot back, leaving me silent for a bit. I walked over to where he was now stood now with his back to me and his hands in fists. I gently placed my hand on his shoulder and said softly “Frank, listen. You need to know that if I would have known about all this, I would have never done that to you. I’m your sister and I lo-”

He cut me off mumbling “Yeah well I wish you weren’t.” I stepped back in shock at what he had said. I didn’t think what I had done was this bad; Frank must have really loved Party. I felt so bad and hurt now as well but I probably deserved it. I didn’t want to argue any more, I just murmured one last “Sorry” before quickly leaving the room. Not even knowing where I was going I walked outside and sat underneath the acacia tree in the shade like Party had been under yesterday. Yesterday seemed like a long time ago now, probably because so much had happened since then, in fact three days ago like three years ago. If I went back 4 days I’d still be in BL/ind headquarters having my veins drank dry. I sighed to myself letting my head fall into my hands. I can’t believe I’m actually out of that place; it was hell on Earth though probably not for the Dracs. If they enjoyed drinking my blood, then it was probably heaven on Earth for them. I cringed at the thought of them, the Dracs and tried to take my mind off and think of something else. Obviously my mind instantly went to Party. After thinking about it I think I loved him, but that didn’t really matter. I think if Frank couldn’t be happy with us being together then neither could I, it would be too hard for me to stand around with Party and let Frank stand at the side and watch as I steal away the person he loves. Even if Party doesn’t feel the same way, it’s still majorly unfair. Part of me still couldn’t believe that I’d gotten Frank back after all these years, it was insane. Being in that place I thought that Frank had bled out in that alleyway and that my mother was all alone. But all that time it was Frank that was alone and that mum was dead. Actually though Frank wasn’t alone, he had the guys and he had Party. Now I think about it maybe his love for Party kept him going or maybe not. Even if it wasn’t it would still be extremely harsh for me to go out with Party, especially since Frank has known him much much longer than I have (3 days). That got me thinking how did I fall in love with Party so fast? I mean I’d heard of love at first and destiny but I’d never believed in it...until now I guess. As I sat under that tree, in the shade, longer my mind started to drift to what Jet had said about waiting a bit to make the decision, basically, between Frank and Party. I was thinking that now I didn’t need time; I’ve got enough experience and evidence in my head to make a decision. I love Frank too much to do this to him. Frank is my brother and I just got him back, I don’t want to lose him again, ever.

            Later that night, I was sat on the couch with the blankets coiled round me for comfort, as I read a book Jet had gotten for me from a raid that him and Party had done today. It was a murder mystery book and wasn’t amazing but it was the first thing I’d read in a little over 6 years so I was very happy with it and it had brighten my day. When Jet and Party had gotten back from their raid I had still been outside under the tree. Jet had come straight over with the book but I only got a glimpse of Party, who didn’t even look at me as he carried the supplies they had gotten inside. It had disappointed me but was good because I guess it made it easier for me to try to stop have feeling for him of he was going to ignore me forever.

            Interrupting my thoughts and the book was a polite cough form in front of me. I folded the corner of the page over to mark where I was and closed while I looked up and saw Kobra. He was smiling politely down at me and holding a steaming mug of something that smelt lovely and strongly of chocolate. “This is for you,” he said nicely passing it to me “Party and Jet got some hot chocolate in their raid today and I thought you deserved some so.” The mug was warm in my hands and reminded me heavily of home and Christmas time. I looked from the mug to Kobra and thanked him lots. “Hey, no problem.” I smiled brightly once more at him, genuinely happy that someone had made the effort to do something for me, who had messed up a lot recently. I took a sip and the luxurious flavour told hold of my mouth and took it on an experience I had not been on for a while. The warm liquid running down my throat as I swallowed and the chocolate taste going to all the corners of my tongue. I had defiantly forgotten about how nice hot chocolate was. Breaking pleasure was Kobra who was still stood in front of me looking awkward and very nervous. He said “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” I replied patting the space next to me on the couch. I was worried whether he was gonna ask about me and Party but tried to be polite anyway and just took another swig of my hot chocolate to cover my fear. He obligedly sat down and turned to me, nervously asking “What did Jet say about me and Red?” I let out the breath I’d been holding and thanked every god ever for not letting him ask the question I had been dreading. Then remembering what he had actually asked I pieced together my memories of the conversation and answered “I think all he said was that you two are more than friends.”

He sighed a sigh of relief and said “Oh that’s ok I’d thought he’d said something awful.” I giggled at his response and asked the obvious question of “So you two are dating then?” I could see him go red at the question even in the dim candle light. He nodded nervously and said “Yeah, I um…guess we are.” I nodded in agreement; they made a very cute couple. “You make a very cute couple.” I stated speaking my mind. He giggled and thanked me through a bright smile. Then my mind drifted back to the conversation I had had with Jet and I added “Wait a second when I was going to come in here to get the chairs, he did say something about avoiding the bedrooms.” I don’t think I should have said this as Kobra went so red that he almost glowed in the almost darkness. I covered my smile with another swig from my hot chocolate. “He’s just joking you know.” He explained looking more awkward and nervous. “I figured.” I said trying to make him feel less bad and uncomfortable. He nodded back at me rubbing the back of his neck. Then as we felt into silence I looked over to the corridor to see Jet and Frank emerge from it, deep in conversation. I sighed and looked away, sipping my hot chocolate. Noticing the two’s arrival to the room as well, Kobra got up and said a quiet thank you for the information and walked off over to the kitchen part and made himself busy. Next thing I knew Frank was walking over to me looking rather anxious. I continued to watch him walk over until he was stood right in front of me. “Can I sit?” He asked, surprisingly, politely. I nodded and he placed himself just where Kobra had been. Sensing that this might be important, since he had bothered to try to start conversation off in a civilised way, I leant over and put my book and hot chocolate over onto the small table by the side of the couch. I turned back to face him and waited for him to speak. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry for what I said to you before. I didn’t mean but I was just so angry and it slipped out. Will you forgive me?” he said looking pleadingly into my eyes.

I smiled at him and said “You had every right to be angry at me and of course I forgive you.” He smiled back and let out a slight sigh of relief. “But I want to know,” he started making me panic slightly. “What is going to happen between you and Party?” I took in a deep breath and planned out my words in my head carefully. “Nothing will happen if you aren’t ok with it.” He smiled slightly and took me into a hug that I had been needing for a while. “Thank you, thank you so much. I’m glad you understand and that you’re ok with it.” He whispered slightly into my ear. I hugged him tighter and wrongly thought about whether I really was ok with it. 


Song: Hate to See Your Heart Break by Paramore


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