Weapon For Love and War (Danger Days and Gerard Way/Party Poison FanFic)

When Amber is told of her special ability, she has to hide it and is told run as far away from BL/ind as possible. And with the help of her older brother Frank, she nearly escapes but one missed shot of a ray gun costs her 6 years of her life, kidnapped by BL/ind she believes she'll never see the outside world again.
She begins to be known as the The Weapon to the Killjoys (rebels) over the years, and the fantastic four (Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid) plan to bring The Weapon down before Korse, leader of BL/ind, can use it to officially take all of the land to himself and rule over the drugged citizens of America. But when they catch The Weapon they realise what it is and more importantly who it is.

*I do not own the Danger Days or any of the fantastic four I do own the new made up characters and new things added to the plot of Danger Days.
Playlist for all the songs used in the book on spotify, called 'Book Playlist (WFLAW)'. I do not own any of the songs mentioned.


14. Chapter 13

(Amber's POV)

The first guest had arrived and Frank had gotten up to greet them, leaving me alone sat beside the fire. The guest was a guy with greasy bleached blonde hair that waved its way down to his chin. He was very masculine looking and strong; you could see his muscles and pecks playing as he spoke to Frank, through his thin green t shirt. And he had a very squared off jaw. Walking past me, Jet went and greeted this guy as well giving him a very manly hand shake. They shared a smile but then Frank took control of the conversation again, he talked confidently and relaxingly, making me think this guy must be a friend. Pointing toward me, Frank shot me a smile, causing the guy to turn to his side and look at me. He gave me a polite nod and smile added with a small wave, I gave one back smiling slightly. Looking over toward my brother I saw he was beckoning me over, so as commanded I got up and made my way over to the guys. I walked beside Frank, who pulled me into his side and proudly said “Yeah this is Amber, my sister. And Amber,” he added “This is Mechanize.” I looked over to him and took his strong hand which he had put me out to shake. I thought to myself as I shook it, what a stupid name, if you’re gonna name yourself something why Mechanize? “But no one calls me that, just call me Mike.” I smiled politely at him, and thought that that was better. Then as the guys got back into their conversation I looked round for Party or Kobra.  As I suspected Kobra was still nowhere in sight; probably still with his boyfriend but I’d spotted Party who was over by the bench him and Jet had been working on. It looked like he was just adding some final touches. I turned back to Frank and whispered in his ear “I’m just gonna go and see if Party needs any help before everyone starts arriving.” He gave a grunt and was about to protest but I quickly gave him a quick peck on the cheek and muttered a sweet thanks before striding over to Party. I heard Frank give one more groan before turning back to Jet and Mike and re-engaging in their conversation.

          I sat down by Party who was just fixing a screw into the wood at the bottom of the bench and asked “Need any help?” he finished screwing in the screw and smiled looking round at me, saying “No all done; that was the last screw.” I smiled back.

“Aren’t you gonna go say hi to Mike?” I asked, genuinely curious as to why he hadn’t since Mike seemed like a good friend of the gang. He shook his head dismissively and said “I’ll talk to him later.” He got up off the ground and quickly dusted off his pants of any sand, before grabbing my hands and helping me up. He walked round to the other side of the bench and nodded towards the side I was near and asked “Could you please help me put this by the fire, since Jet’s abandoned me?” I nodded and said “My pleasure.” I grabbed one end of the bench while he lifted up the other. Surprisingly the bench wasn’t that heavy and we lifted it together easily, we took it over to near the massive circle of chairs and put it in a gap which had been left. Putting it down Party muttered thanks before coming over and standing next to me. There was an awkward silence between us both, I was desperate to break it but he beat me by asking “Do you want a drink?” I nodded. He took my hand which I thought of as weird at first but then just shook it off, he was just being friendly.  He took back inside the warehouse, into the main room. He let go of my hand, leaving me with slight disappointment, and went over to the table where multiple cups and mugs had been left (some I recognised from the storage room in the back). Behind the cups was a big water tank dispenser, the ones that you used to get in offices with the small paper cups. Inside the tank was just water, I was slightly discourage but what was I expecting they were living in a desert outside of an occupied city. Party picked up a blue plastic cup and a plain pink mug. In silence he filled them up with water, the sound of the water gurgling as some of it was forced to rush out echoed through the room and the strangely comfortable silence that had formed. Once both cups were full he walked over to me as I start on top of another table in the room and handed me the pink mug. “Thanks.” I said politely. He nodded and replied saying “Cheers.” I smiled at him finding myself again looking into his beautiful hazel eyes. “Cheers.” I murmured clinking my mug with his cup, a bit of his water spilling out of the cup and onto his hand. I watched as he blushed slightly at his small error and smiled at his attempt to hide it by bowing his head slightly until it cleared. We both took sips of our water at the same time in again this comfortable silence that was different to the one we had formed outside just before, why I don’t know. After taking a few sips I looked up from my glass to accidently meet his eyes which had been watching me sip at my drink. I blushed and he looked down again awkwardly mumbling out a “Sorry.” I smiled and place my still half empty cup on the table I was sat on.

“Are you ok Party?” I asked genuinely concerned about him. He had been acting strange all evening really; the awkward and comfortable silences that had been forming between us, the odd glares I’d been getting when he was talking to Ray, the blushing, the politeness; I started to wondered whether he was nervous about the party or something. “Yeah, I’m fine why wouldn’t I be.” He answered looking at me slightly confused. “I don’t know,” I replied, “just wondered.”

“How about you, are you ok?” He asked.

“I guess, I mean everything’s just so surreal; I don’t know how to feel. And after Frank told me about-” my voice broke, not being able to finish the sentence. I took in a deep breath and continued as strongly as I could “About my mum, I guess I’m not in the mood for a party.” I looked down hiding my eyes from slight as I felt the tears itching to come out, I didn’t want to cry in front of Party. I guess I shouldn’t have brought her up, I’m so stupid. I attempted to calm myself by taking deep breaths but they just came out as shaky pathetic ones. In the end I just stared at the floor trying to stop the tears from falling.

        Breaking me from my trance two strong arms enclosed me in a hug. Still sat on the table, my head rested on Party’s shoulder as I left a few of the tears slip down my cheek, but only a few. He started to rock me slightly in his arms as I put mine back around him. He repeatedly mumbled “It’ll all be ok.” He was warm and comforting and thankfully in his arms I felt 1000 times better.

         After a few minutes of embracing my breathing calmed down and Party must have noticed as he released me from his hold. He placed his hands on my shoulders and smiled at me, looking into my eyes. “I mean it, it will all be ok. We’re here for you now, I’ll protect you; we’ll protect you.” He promised as he wiped my tears from my cheeks with his soft hands. I smiled into his eyes and said “Thank you.”

“No problem.” He retorted “And anyway that offer of hiding under my chair is still available.” I laughed wiping the rest of the tears off my cheeks with my sleeve. After I’d put my arms back down I found myself staring into his eyes again, and strangely he was staring back at mine as well. I didn’t know what was happening but almost like a reflex we both started leaning in. Just as my head started to analyse what was happening our silence was broken by a whistle. Instantly we both pulled back and tried to look innocent as we both immediately picked our cups back up and went back to drinking them. We both looked over to see Mikey and another stood by him with an amused expression on; I’m guessing this was Mikey’s boyfriend. Seeing that it was just those two Party seemed to relax slightly, I didn’t however I just kept manically drinking my water as I panicked over whether Mikey might tell Frank and how disappointed and angry Frank would be if he did find out we’d nearly kissed. “What a thing to walk in on.” Mikey’s friend said breaking the silence. In response to this Mikey seemed to stamp on his foot, causing him to wince slightly and say “I mean, how nice to see you again Party. And how nice it is to meet you.” He said directing it to me. I nodded and smiled at him before going back to swigging down my drink, until I realised it had all gone, causing me to have to pretend to drink it to avoid questions. Mikey gestured to Party for him to go over to him and as told Party walked over to him; only to be dragged away by an angry Mikey, who seemed to be acting like the older brother not Party. After disappearing into the corridor Mikey’s friend came over and sat next to me. I discreetly scooted away slightly not really wanting to be near this stranger. Elbowing me in the shoulder he murmured “So you and Party then?” I put my head in my hands wondering what the hell was going on; I was sat next to some guy who I don’t know, who seemed to be excited about seeing me and Party nearly kiss even though he doesn’t know who I am. And I thought that the fact that I nearly just kissed Party, my brother’s ex/best friend, was weird enough. 


Song: Zero Percent by My Chemical Romance

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