Weapon For Love and War (Danger Days and Gerard Way/Party Poison FanFic)

When Amber is told of her special ability, she has to hide it and is told run as far away from BL/ind as possible. And with the help of her older brother Frank, she nearly escapes but one missed shot of a ray gun costs her 6 years of her life, kidnapped by BL/ind she believes she'll never see the outside world again.
She begins to be known as the The Weapon to the Killjoys (rebels) over the years, and the fantastic four (Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid) plan to bring The Weapon down before Korse, leader of BL/ind, can use it to officially take all of the land to himself and rule over the drugged citizens of America. But when they catch The Weapon they realise what it is and more importantly who it is.

*I do not own the Danger Days or any of the fantastic four I do own the new made up characters and new things added to the plot of Danger Days.
Playlist for all the songs used in the book on spotify, called 'Book Playlist (WFLAW)'. I do not own any of the songs mentioned.


13. Chapter 12

(Amber's POV)

I walked cautiously through the door way into the warehouse and walked to the far end of the main room, where I could see furniture piled together. Seriously avoiding the corridor to the bedrooms, I strode over. Looking over the massive pile, I wondered if Frank wanted me to bring all these chairs because there were a bloody lot of them. I guess it depended on how many guests were coming, I was guessing that was gonna be a lot since Frank always went big with the his parties. Smiling to myself I remembered when he used to arrange secret parties when mum and dad went on business holidays, which they did a lot. It would always be all his rebellious high school friends. They were great parties really, but only when I was invited to them anyway. Often Frank would hire strippers and I would never definitely be allowed anywhere near the parties. When this happened I had no chance whatever of getting any sleep, they would just blast screamo 10 hours straight. Maybe that was one of the reasons I’m so messed up; serious lack of sleep. I shook my head still smiling to myself and picked up some old plastic chairs from the side, before heaving them out of the warehouse. As I haled up the chairs though I got an odd sense of familiarity, I put the chairs back down and looked at them again more closely. Oh my gosh, the chair lodged in the middle of the other ones I had was one of the green garden chairs we had had back home. I couldn’t believe the guys had this, it might have not been the exact one we had had back home but it was still the same style. Mum had brought them off this old lady at the local charity shop, for around $3. She was so please with herself for-

           At that moment I paralysed, my vision going blurry; I whispered to myself “Mum.” I felt myself go cold and pale as I remembered Party saying something about her being dead back at Dr D’s radio station. Was it true? Or was it just something that came out in the anger? I started to shake as I abandoned the chairs and now holding myself much weaker than before as I walked outside toward Frank, who was still kneeling by the un-lit bonfire. I reached him and shakily blurted out “Where’s mum?” Frank froze in his crouching position, dropping his sticks that he had been holding. He stood up slowly and turned round to face me, he’d paled too. “What did you say?” I started to shake more and tears pierced at the back of my eyes and I repeated “Where’s mum?” A tear left the corner of his eye and danced swiftly down his cheek, dropping to the floor but leaving a glossy mark down his face. He weakly muttered “I think you’ve guessed the answer already.” I let out a brief sob before putting my hand over my mouth, aware that Jet and Party were over by the shed still. He pulled me in for a strong hug, I cried a little on his shoulder wetting his t shirt’s shoulder slightly. It was just such a shock to hear this right now. It still wasn’t really processing much but it still felt real, and it still hurt. Trying to calm myself down I took control of my breathing and shut my eyes halting the tears. I broke mine and Frank’s hugged, and wiped my cheeks with my now free hands, he did the same. He gave me a comforting smile and said softly “It wasn’t in pain.” I smiled back and nodded my head referring to the fact that I was glad. He smiled more and asked “Are you gonna be ok?” I replied simply with “I will be.” He grabbed my hand from my side and squeezed it gently before suggesting “Why don’t you finish putting the stick onto the bonfire and I’ll go get those chairs and a lighter ready for lighting the fire.” I smiled at him and sat down on the floor by the bonfire, picking up the sticks he had dropped before placing them in all the gaps of the other pieces of wood. Out the corner of my eye I watched him walk off inside to get the chairs. I gave out a heave of air and loosely started putting the sticks in the bonfire. The news still hadn’t quite been adsorbed but I was coping. It’s not like I could have done anything or can, and crying certainly wasn’t going to help, I guess I just had to breath it in and move on. Distracting myself from my trail of thought I looked over to Party and Jet who were chatting by the shed. It seemed that their conversation was serious and if you looked intensely at them it looked like Party was blushing. I giggled to myself and wondered what the hell they could be talking about to make him blush like that that could be so serious. I shook my head removing the thought and got back to my job before Frank came back and got annoyed at my laziness. But after the moment we’d just had together I doubted that he would be in a mood anymore.

     After a small amount of time of rearranging wood, I felt something tap my shoulder I jumped slightly. But now knowing I was safe I turned my head upside down and looked behind me at a smiling Party. I put my head back and patted the space next to me on the floor, implying that he should sit down. He carefully sat down and said “Hey.”

 I smiled and replied saying “Hi.” Getting back to my job I put another stick into the bonfire as he nervously brushed his jeans. He asked “Are you nervous about tonight at all?” I paused what I was doing to face him and replied “No not really, why?”

“I just thought that since you’d be meeting so many new people who you have no clue about you’d be a little shaken.” He said picking up some of the sticks and helping putting them on the bonfire. I continued with “I don’t know really, I guess I’m a little nervous but I don’t plan on interacting much, social interaction has never been a strong point of mine.” I then kindly added “I was just hoping to stay near one of you guys for the whole thing.”

Party laughed that childish giggle and responded with “Well you’re welcome to hide under my chair for the whole thing if you wish.”

I laughed and nudged him slightly. “I’m not that bad.” We giggled together until we both heard a cough from behind us. In unison we scooted round to see an annoyed Frank, quickly predicting what was gonna happen I took the sticks off Party and turned back round, getting back to my ‘job’. “I thought you were meant to be helping Jet fix that bench.” Frank said angrily to Gerard as he stood up. “I was, I was. I just wanted to speak to Amber as she looked all alone. Don’t get all angry on me, it’s only a bench.” Party replied slightly annoyed at Frank’s rude behaviour, much like me right now. “Yeah well maybe next time you shouldn’t get all flirty on my sister.” Frank almost yelled back. Party simply groaned and walked off back to help Jet. He sat down next to me and brought out some matches before lighting them and throwing them into the fire. “You know he was only being nice, you didn’t have to go all evil witch on him.” I said watching the flame that was coming out of one of the matches in the fire grow larger ad spreading to as many pieces of wood as it could. “Yeah I know.” He sighed “It’s just that you’re my sister and he’s my ex.”

I sighed too. “I know Frank, but he’d also your best friend you should trust him. And I’m your sister why don’t you trust me?”

“I do trust you both, but I don’t know. I’m in a bit of a mood after Jet told me what happened at Dr D’s while you and Party were on the roof.” He explained, also putting his focus onto the fast growing flames.

“I understand.” I replied, resting my head on his shoulder. And we sat like that for a while watching the fire take hold of the wood and turn it back and grey, as the sky went just as black around us.


Song: The Forgotten by Green Day

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