Weapon For Love and War (Danger Days and Gerard Way/Party Poison FanFic)

When Amber is told of her special ability, she has to hide it and is told run as far away from BL/ind as possible. And with the help of her older brother Frank, she nearly escapes but one missed shot of a ray gun costs her 6 years of her life, kidnapped by BL/ind she believes she'll never see the outside world again.
She begins to be known as the The Weapon to the Killjoys (rebels) over the years, and the fantastic four (Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid) plan to bring The Weapon down before Korse, leader of BL/ind, can use it to officially take all of the land to himself and rule over the drugged citizens of America. But when they catch The Weapon they realise what it is and more importantly who it is.

*I do not own the Danger Days or any of the fantastic four I do own the new made up characters and new things added to the plot of Danger Days.
Playlist for all the songs used in the book on spotify, called 'Book Playlist (WFLAW)'. I do not own any of the songs mentioned.


12. Chapter 11

(Amber's POV)

Nobody had talked for the whole ride, it had been pretty awkward but it had given me time to process what had happen and how much of a dick Dr D actually was. Why the hell was a man like that running an organisation like the killjoys? Maybe he was smart strategically but he just seemed like a man full of power, full of himself. How could he not tell Frank after all these years that I was alive, and since, I’m guessing, that he had informers on the inside of BL/ind then why couldn’t he have got me out sooner? I knew one thing though; that I was never ever stepping inside that radio station again, not with him still there. Dickward.

     Abruptly the Trans Am came to a halt, I looked outside and realised we were back at base. I took in a deep breath, glad to be back. “Right is any one gonna tell me what happened back there?” Frank questioned breaking our outlived. “Later, Ghoul, later.” Gerard said angrily as he opened the car door and slammed it behind before storming off to the base. “See, if I knew what had happened I can understand why he’s in a strop.” Frank commented. I sighed and watched Gerard walk through the door and leave it open behind him. AT that moment I realised that I’d never thanked him for standing up for me in front of Dr Dick. Without thinking I opened the Trans Am car and quickly walked over to the door. I went inside and saw Gerard going round the corner and down the corridor where all the bed rooms are. “Party!” I shouted following him “Gerard! I want to say something!” As soon as those words had left my mouth he froze, I paused and looked at him confused as he angrily turned round to face me. I looked at him in the eyes, which seemed to be slightly gleamy. Was he trying not to cry? What the hell had I done now? “DO NOT CALL ME THAT!” he yelled in my face, making me step backwards slightly. He then hastily made his way over to some metal stairs which I think led up to the roof. I groaned at myself and turned round rubbing my face. I felt so guilty, for what I don’t really know. I took my hands away from my face to see Frank and Ray stood behind me with pale faces. “You okay, Amber?” Frank asked me.

I groaned and replied “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. I just wanted to say thank you to him but I did something wrong. Why’s he upset?” Frank sighed and looked over to Ray. Who nodded and walked out the corridor and into the main room. I looked over to Frank who then started to walk over towards me. He pulled me into a warming hug and spoke gently into my ear “Party, after the invasion, wanted a new start and I guess that came in the form of Party Poison. He doesn’t like being called by Gerard because he believes that’s not who he is anymore, he’s started a new and I guess he’s worked really hard to be Party. It’s not your fault you didn’t know but now you know that to him Gerard is like some sort of devil. Ok?” I nodded into the hug, but I was still confused. Gerard, well Party, was such an amazing person before the invasion. Even though I’d never really had anything to do with the band I did know that they had saved thousands of teenagers’ lives; ‘cause that’s always what Frank had told me he was doing, saving kids’ lives. I was curiously to know more about Party’s obsession with being well Party but I didn’t want to intrude or hurt anyone’s feelings. However I did want to go and apologise to Party, I didn’t mean to hurt him like that. Hell, I didn’t even know I could hurt him like that, but I still felt insanely bad. I broke mine and Frank’s hug, and thanked him quickly before uttering “I think I better go apologise.” Frank nodded but suggested “I think that you should go later, give him a little longer to calm down maybe. Come help me, Jet and Kobra set up the BBQ we’re gonna have tonight.”

“BBQ? Since when were we having a BBQ?” I questioned confused, my mind slightly drifting from the previous topic of conversation. Frank giggled and said “Since I said so. Some guys from down the road are coming. Now come and help please.”

I groaned a tad and stated “I’ll go apologise to Party first, then I’ll come help you with your stupid BBQ.”

He groaned back and grumbled a “Fine. Whatever.” He then marched off; I expect to go outside to start off setting up this BBQ with Kobra and Jet. I turn around and head over to the stairs planning the apology in my head. I walk up and slowly open the metal trap door that leads to the roof.

      I popped out and looked over onto the roof. It wasn’t decorated or anything (the roof) it was flat and made of concrete, nothing special. But the view that I could see was amazingly stunning; you could, I was guessing, see the majority of the desert. At first there was just sand and the odd tree/cactus, but then if you looked slightly to the left you could see a little cluster of wooden shacks and then looking even further forward you could see the white BL/ind wall which lines the city. Beyond the city you could see faint mountains and a little bit of vegetation. The sky made it all that better as well, there was about half an hour left still until the sun would be fully set but at the moment there was just a beautiful array of colours; orange, pink, yellow and a faint purple that split the sky from the sun set’s tints. I muttered out a slight wow, I hadn’t seen anything like this since more than 6 years ago. Cutting short my amazement, Party butted in with “Enjoying the view are we?” I jumped out of my skin at the sudden interaction, causing me to drop the handle to the trap door to drop and slam shut. I cringed at the noise and looked up, red in the face, to see Party giggling to himself with that cute little smile on his face. “Sorry.” I muttered out, marginally smiling. He turned round facing the other side of the view which was pretty much the same as the other side but with no BL/ind wall, so you could see the mountains more clearly. “It’s ok but what are you doing up here anyway?” He turned back to face me, awaiting an answer.

“I just wanted to apologise for before, I didn’t know. I’m sorry.” I gulped out. He turned back again. “Yeah well now you know.” He grumpily replied. I have to be honest; I wasn’t expecting him to react like that. I mean he has every right to be a little mad but this wasn’t like the Party I had met, he might be a totally different but how was I to know I had only just met the guy. I slumped back a bit and said “Ok well, I just wanted to say sorry. I guess I’ll see you at the BBQ later.” as I departed. I was just about to start climbing down the stairs when Party stopped me. “Wait I’m sorry, that was a bit…” he paused “um…dicky? I should be the one apologising. But I guess I’m just not in the best mood after the encounter with Dr D before.” I put the trap door back down again, this time without dropping it, and said “You have every right to be mad, Dr D was a right nob back there and so was I, I should have known.”

Party shook his head “And how the hell do you think you would have known, it was totally fine; I overreacted. I should have seen it coming any way; I mean nobody had told you so.”

I nodded “I guess but I still feel guilty.”

He disagreed and said “No this was totally me, I was just thinking about what I said then. I was such a dick.”

“No seriously it was me.” I said sternly, I felt bad I just wish I would have known. Unexpectedly Party burst out into a smile. “We should stop; we sound like an old married couple.” I laughed and nodded my head in agreement. He put out his hand and said “No more arguments?” I connected my hand gently with his and shook. He shivered slightly at my touch but simply shook it off and said nothing. I replied with “Agreed.” I looked back up from our hands and smiled into his eyes. He looked back into my eyes and shared a smile with me. His eyes were a beautiful brown colour, but the longer the period of time you spent looking at them the greener and more hazel like they got; the sun was shining on them making the green brighter and giving his eyes a glittering look as well. They looked happy and amused at the current time and just looking at them made me feel even more so the same than I did before. I felt a strange but weirdly welcomed sense of comfort as I did gawk at his pupils.  His eyes were truly beautiful. After a bit I realised I’d been staring and shook my head; unclenching our hands and looking down instead. He coughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck, muttering a “we should go down…you know to…um…help Ghoul. Yeah help him out.” I nodded getting the general message of his awkward blubbering. He nodded and turned round just before quickly opening the trap door and nearly running down the stairs. Confused, I gazed at the left open hatch and wondered why Party was acting so awkward. It’s not like he was the one staring stupidly into someone’s eyes, or was he staring back? Wow what the hell just happened between us?

     After some thoughtful wondering I reached outside; where the boys had built a bonfire ready to light and were currently looking for things for people to sit on around it. I could see Jet hauling a stack of old rusty deck chairs out a shed that was by the warehouse, and also Gerard who was talking to Jet as he lugged the chairs to the side of the not yet lit bonfire. Frank was by the bonfire throwing in sawdust and smaller pieces of wood; he noticed me and beckoned me over. He didn’t look very happy, in fact he looked quite frustrated but I went over anyway, just hoping he wasn’t angry at me again As I did stroll over I glimpsed round trying to find any sign of Kobra as I couldn’t see him at all. Reaching Frank he blatantly asked me if I could go look inside for more things for people to sit on. I nodded, not impressed with his mood and asked “Do you know where Kobra is?” He looked up at me slightly irritated and said “I don’t know ask Jet. But make sure to bloody help like you promised please.” I nodded and walked off. Wow, who pissed in his noodles? He was in a funny mood but sometimes when he was arranging and preparing things like this he would get stressed. I just sighed not being able to figure out the cause of his teenage hormone break down and simply walked over to Jet and Party. Politely I tapped both Jet and Party on their shoulders and asked “Do you guys know where Kobra is? I just can’t see him and was wondering how he got away from BBQ-zilla over there.” I finished referring to Frank who was now quietly grumbling to himself. Jet laughed hard putting the chairs down that he had been holding. Party only awkwardly laughed before making a quick exit; it was weird but he must just be busy. Jet replied stating “I don’t think he’s willing to share his smooth skills with you sorry Amber.”

With fake disappointment I said “Dammit, now I’ll never escape.” We shared a small giggled before I seriously asked. “But seriously where has Kobra got to?” Jet sighed and told me “A guest arrived early, he’s probably with him.”

“Oh, are like bessies or something?” I asked genuinely curious.

Jet pulled an entertained expression and said “I wouldn’t quite call them that.” Then it clicked in my mind. “Ohhhhh. Ok.” I murmured.

Jet picked the deck chairs back up and said “Don’t worry you’ll meet him later but for now I wouldn’t go near the bedrooms.”

I grimaced and muttered “Oh that’s for the warning.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled before starting to walk away with the chair but shortly after turning back round and asking me “And hey I just wanted to ask, are you ok now? You know after before?” I smiled at him and stated “Yeah I’m good, I just never want to step foot in that place again.” He nodded and gave me a comforting nudge before walking off again with the deck chairs in hand. I huffed and walked off to go inside looking for chairs, remembering to not even go near the bedrooms. I wonder who Kobra’s boyfriend is.  


Song: Cinderblock Garden by All Time Low

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