The Only Light in the Darkness

When an accident destroys Ashlin's life and turns her to the dark side things become more interesting. As she meets new people that she never thought existed. The Avengers.


5. Visions

      The room was dark and siglent. Nothing could be seen in the gloom. That is until a door was opened. Light flooded in from the hallway. It was a cell. The walls were covered in silt and cobwebs. A girl was chained to a wall and when the door opened she looked up. Her face was thin, her hair a pale yellow, and her blue eyes shone weakly. A man approached her and the girl seemed to cower before him. He looked down upon her and spoke in a gruff voice, "Are you ready to comply now, Halie" The girl's face was filled with raw hate. "Never!"




Ashlin awoke with a start. 

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