The Only Light in the Darkness

When an accident destroys Ashlin's life and turns her to the dark side things become more interesting. As she meets new people that she never thought existed. The Avengers.


2. The "Accident"

     Terrigen crystals are crystals that grow from from an activated device called the Diviner. These type of crystals produce Terrigen mist. A deadly mist that will turn anyone who is exposed to the gas to stone. That is if they are not an Inhuman. 




     When math was let out Ashlin shouldered her book bag and left the classroom without a second glance. The air in the hallway was refreshing compared to the stuffiness of the classroom. Ashlin hurried to her locker, quickly swapped out her books, then went for a short walk around campus to clear her head. Ashlin set off at a brisk pace watching the ground as she walked. Ashlin was trying to clear her head of the fuzzy daze that math class puts everyone in. Ashlin was so focused on the ground in front of her that she didn't even notice that her friend was calling to her. "Ashlin," someone said tapping Ashlin on the shoulder causing her to jump, "geeze Ashlin calm down. It's just me." "Oh," Ashlin exhaled as she recognized her friend Alexa. "Did you not hear me calling you? Class starts in like a minute." "What?!" Ashlin exclaimed, "then what are we waiting for?" The two girls then ran straight for the school their book bags smacking their heals all the way. 

     Ashlin and Alexa stood panting outside of the classroom door. "Well looks like we made it." Alexa gasped. "Yeah, and look" Ashlin said pointing through the window. "it looks like we have a substitute." The two girl moaned. Substitutes were always the worst. Either they droned on about themselves the entire period or they slam a packet of work in front of  you saying that it is do at the end of the class. Alexa pushed open the door and the two slipped silently into their seats. "Today's lesson is going to be on crystals." The sub announced his voice low and dry. "Can anyone tell me what type of crystal this one is?" He held up a thin blue crystal. Alexa leaned over and whispered "I didn't know that we were going to learn about crystals?" Ashlin just shrugged and turned her gaze back on the crystal. It was unlike any crystal she had ever seen. The teacher took a huge and visible, deep breath. And in doing so he dropped the crystal. It shattered on the desk sending little blue shards flying in all directions. A mist also launched itself across the classroom hitting each and every student square in the chest. Chairs flipped over and students lay on the floor. Ashlin looked around wildly to see the substitute teacher rush out of the room and see her friend Alexa crumple to stone on the ground. Ashlin's head was spinning, having trouble focusing on what was in front of her. The last thing Ashlin saw was a bright light being flashed in her face. Then she fainted. 

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