The Only Light in the Darkness

When an accident destroys Ashlin's life and turns her to the dark side things become more interesting. As she meets new people that she never thought existed. The Avengers.


4. Settled

      Ashlin is many things curious, caring, adventurous. But the one thing she is not is outgoing. Ashlin only has two friends, well, one friend now. Ashlin doesn't like talking to people unless she has to. People talking to her or even watching her makes Ashlin nervous. So making friends is a hard thing for Ashlin.




      Ashlin walked with Daisy on a tour of the place she called Afterlife. There were many people in Afterlife and even some small families. The streets were small and houses lined the pavement. People stood around talking and shooting glances at Ashlin. Ashlin pulled her hair over her eye, and lowered her head. She walked quietly alongside Daisy  wondering where they were headed. Daisy had said that it was a tour of Afterlife but Ashlin could tell that it was not true. She felt guilty but did not know why. Ashlin hadn't done anything wrong. She had just been in the middle of a huge conflict that she had no part in. Or at least that's what Ashlin thought. The pair stopped outside of a small building. There a man leaned against the frame of a door. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. The way that he watched Ashlin made her nervous. His gaze was curious yet caring. Once more Ashlin got the feeling that she had done something wrong. Daisy stepped forward and placed a hand on Ashlin's shoulder, "Lincoln, this is Ashlin." Ashlin looked down at her feet feeling awkward for she was still wearing her torn and stained school uniform. Lincoln stepped forwards and held out a hand. Ashlin looked up at him, her eyes questioning. He instantly withdrew his hand.  

      "Well you must be very flustered after your transformation. So I would like to show you to your house. You can stay here as long as you like and find out what gift you have been given." Lincoln said leading Ashlin into a nearby house. The place was small, there was a twin size bed, a small kitchen, a dining table, and a small bathroom. The walls were a pale brown and the cupboards were dark oak. Ashlin couldn't believe her eyes, this was all so new to her and she knew that it must be a dream. The kindness that everyone had shown her was unrealistic. This place seemed magical, and magic did not exist. Ashlin looked at Lincoln and Daisy, they looked back at her and smiled. 

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