The Only Light in the Darkness

When an accident destroys Ashlin's life and turns her to the dark side things become more interesting. As she meets new people that she never thought existed. The Avengers.


3. Inhumans

Along time ago an alien race called the Kree invaded earth. They went to earth to form a super human army. This was a select breeding program and the humans that made it out alive soon developed superhuman powers. These people were called the Inhumans.




     Ashlin awoke in a strange room. There were dozens people moving around her but none seemed to notice that Ashlin was awake and watching them. "Hello?" Ashlin called out hoping that someone would hear her. Ashlin's voice faded into the air. Ashlin swallowed and tried again, this time a little bit louder. "Hello?"

     "Hello," someone else replied. Ashlin searched the crowd of people looking for the one who had spoken. At first she saw no one, but as the people fanned out she saw someone heading her way. It was a woman. She had brown hair and brown eyes. The mass of people seemed to part before her as she made her way towards Ashlin. The woman approached and stood next to Ashlin taking her in, carefully observing her as she spoke. "What's your name?" Ashlin hesitated, looking up at the woman with scared eyes. "Don't worry, we won't harm you. Your safe here. Now, tell me, what's your name?" Ashlin didn't know why but she told the lady her name. "Why am I here? and were is here? Where am I?" The woman sighed, "we'll get to that later, Ashlin. But now," she held out a hand, "let me show you around." Ashlin took the woman's hand and together they walked through the crowded room and into the brightly lit outdoors. Ashlin shielded her eyes from the sun's bright rays.

     Looking around Ashlin noticed that the place looked like a small Chinese town, or at least that's what Ashlin thought. She had never actually seen a Chinese town in person, but she had seen pictures. "Wow," Ashlin gasped taking it all in. The woman next to her laughed, " I thought the same thing when I first came here." Ashlin watched the woman's face as she looked off into the distance remembering something. Ashlin took this as an opertunity to ask once again, "Where are we? And who are you?" The woman snapped out of her trance and looked at Ashlin, "I'm Daisy Johnson and this place is called Afterlife."

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