The Only Light in the Darkness

When an accident destroys Ashlin's life and turns her to the dark side things become more interesting. As she meets new people that she never thought existed. The Avengers.


1. In the Begining

    In the beginning Ashlin was a normal teenage girl. She liked to hang out with friends, be a fan girl about books, and watch the Avengers movies. She never likes to socialize with new people and talking to adults made her uncomfortable. Ashlin was, in a way, the outlier of her group. Sure her friends were great and always made her laugh it's just that when she is in a group of three or more people she seems to be unnoticed. Sometimes Ashlin feels like she could just melt away from the world and no one would notice. This is what created Ashlin's unique personality.




     Ashlin woke up as she normally did on a school day. With her horrid bed head, bad breath, and growling stomach. She hopped out of bed, threw on her uniform and headed towards the bathroom. She starred at her appearance in the mirror. Same dirty blonde hair, dull blue eyes, and glasses. Ashlin sighed she hated everything about her looks especially the little pimples that never seemed to go away no matter what she did. Ashlin brushed her hair then draped it over one eye. No, Ashlin thought it doesn't look right. She brushed her hair until she could turn her head any way and her hair would still cover her eye. Ashlin then went down stairs and made herself breakfast. Then she sat on the couch and waited for the rest of her family to awake. Slowly the house began to sturr. The sound of running water could be heard as her parents got into the shower. Her younger sister came running down the stairs being chased by her little brother. Ashlin leaned back onto the couch cushions watching her siblings fight on the floor.

     The morning went on and so Ashlin found herself in first period. There is always math first thing in the morning. Every student has to take extra math classes. It is a state requirement and it sucks. All of the kids at Cristal Prep are not the best at math so the extra class has everyone in a bad mood. The mood usually fades off as the day goes on, for most that is. Ashlin sat in math class wishing that the period would end. She stared at the clock, pencil in one hand her head resting on the other. She looked just like everyone else in the class. Bored out of her mind. However this state of complete boredom would not last.

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