Let The Final Credits Roll

The second single from my forthcoming album The Phone Goes Dead.


1. Let The Final Credits Roll

[Verse 1]

Our Hollywood ending wasn’t played out on the stage

The writers must’ve missed out scripting up that page

My scene got cut and I never landed the kiss

I’ll never know how it feels to hold you in my arms like this



Now the screen is fading, lights are raising

Director’s calling cut

I’m stood alone at the side of the room

Still hoping I would get that look



If we LET THE FINAL CREDITS ROLL will my pain cease to exist

Will I leave it all behind, I never got my Hollywood kiss

Will I look up, start to notice that there’s more names on that list

Or will I start to fade as the lights come up and be the guy no one will miss


[Verse 2]

I’m not gonna be the guy any movie girl wants to get

My only chance of having you was on this set

Somebody somewhere chose to re-write the last scene

Now there are no more chances of me and you ever being





If we turn off all the cameras, start to turn down all the sound

She’ll walk away into the sunset and I know she won’t be found




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