no more crying

The story is about a girl that falls deeply in love with a boy but things start to get very complected for them two.


1. Where we start

Dear Diary 


It was September 19th. There is this boy...... not many people understand us and how we got to start talking and meet but we understand and thats all that matters. One day it was my best friend Emily's birthday she was 13 yrs old she had a sleepover party and she was into the guy Maddi but she didn't know if he liked her so i got his number and started texting him and telling him great stuff about her and what she liked and everything but that was the thing he was starting to text emily less and started talking to me more i started to get creeped out but then I started to like him.

One thing lead to another we started Skyping and calling each-other more & more and one day he invited me and my friends and him and his friends to the movies and when we sat down in the movies i turned my head and i saw him sitting next to me and i was blushing a little and ok i was blushing like hell and he said to me "Lucie and i said yes, he was like will you go out with me" i started blushing and said yes and we both smiled like hell but the next thing was i saw him put his arm around me and my head was on his shoulder and i didn't want to move and it felt like i was safe i his arms like no one would hurt me as long as i was with him.

During the movie he kissed me hugged me and just loved me more then anyone has ever loved me but at the end of the day he was the nicest guy i have ever met and loved him and he was mine and every time we saw each-other he would always come up and kiss me on the lips and i felt soooo special and just happy well me not anyone else. We skyped all day and all night we talked for hours on the phone and sent so many loved hearts kisses hugs to each-other it was so cute of him to do that and all the guys i have been out with they were assholes they were rude mean and wanted me to be something i wasn't but with maddi i was just me and thats all he wanted me to be.



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