no more crying

The story is about a girl that falls deeply in love with a boy but things start to get very complected for them two.


3. what went wrong

Dear Diary 


September 30th Maddi invited me and my friends to the beach with his friends to go for a swim and have lunch and so me and maddi could learn more about each-other but mostly for the kissing and just seeing him again and emily my best friend said to me come to my house and we can walk there so i asked my mum and my mum said it was fine so we left to go to her house and when i got there she wasn't there so me and my mum were waiting in the car for 20 min and she didn't come so my mum got pissed and left i was angry at emily but i was really sad because i couldn't see maddi and i really wanted to see him.

But my mum said i have too much to do so im not going back so i started crying cause i couldn't see maddi but when i got home i was so angry at her but i did the wrong thing and took all that anger out on maddi and broke up with him and i shouldn't have but i did.

The next day i woke up and something didn't feel right like apart of my heart was missing and it was bothering me all day and it finally came too me the thing that was maddi he didn't he didn't text me morning, he didn't text me how was your day and i realised that i made a terrible mistake and i started to regret that choice i made.

So i texted him and said "Maddi im really sorry i was angry at emily and i took all that anger out on you and i shouldn't have and i'm really sorry for that maddi and i still LOVE you.

Maddi didnt text me back until the next day and said it's ok but it was a stupid thing and i said too him i'm so sorry and i do love you will you go out with me.......... maddi said i couldn't answer that right now so i gave him some time to think about it. 


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