no more crying

The story is about a girl that falls deeply in love with a boy but things start to get very complected for them two.


2. what took place

Dear Diary 


September 20th, So many things were going on in my life, there were a lot of fights over stupid things in my family but I wanted to tell someone but i didn't know who could keep it to them self but I remember there was just one "Maddi" i knew i could tell him anything and i mean anything because he was not only my boyfriend he was my Best Friend and i know i could tell my best friend anything and i think he Maddi felt that way as well cause he told me so many things about his life and how it was like having divorced parents.

Maddi was a gentleman he always offered to buy me a ticket for the movie or buy me lunch but i'm not one of those girls who always lets the guy buy me stuff i buy my own stuff cause i didn't want him to waste his money on me. every time we skyped we always had a signal that we love each-other we would put up a love heart of our hands and sometimes he would start blushing some times i would but why wouldn't you its beautiful just an amazing feeling to know that there is someone who loves you even though your parents love you it was just an amazing feeling to know that. 

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