no more crying

The story is about a girl that falls deeply in love with a boy but things start to get very complected for them two.


5. no more crying

Dear Diary 


October 3rd Back at school a lot of people found out that me and maddi broke up and were like to me are you ok and i just smiled and said yes but i knew i wasn't ok and i think emily knew i wasn't ok and she said to me are u sure you are ok and i said no then i started crying and she said it will all be ok you just have to let him go and i said to emily i cant let him go if a guy like Maddi comes around you don't let them go cause there aren't many of them around.

I was in class and a song by Eminem came on and me and Maddi loved him and the song started playing and i started crying cause it just remember him and everything we did and thats what made me start crying but then emily popped into my head and said you just have to move on and you don't have to forget about him you just have to stop crying and think of other things like hanging with your family and friends you don't need a boyfriend to be happy you just need family and friends and i agreed with that but when she said all you need in life is family and friends i just thought of maddi cause he was my best friend and i told him everything. 

The day was finished and i stopped crying and just focused on my future and my life with getting a good job, great education and then finding a guy like maddi and having kids but i will always love him and he will always love me but just not in that way yes i might shed some tears ones and a while but that's life yes i will miss him and i will always love him :))). 




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