no more crying

The story is about a girl that falls deeply in love with a boy but things start to get very complected for them two.


4. back together for now.

Dear Diary 


October 1st Maddi hasn't texted me back in 2 days i don't know if he wants to get back together with me or not but i hope so cause nobody knows how much i truly love him :))) I was saying to myself i hope i wasn't being so pushy with him to answer my question but he knows me well so i hope he will be ok!!!! "FINALLY" maddi got back to me about the question and he said "YES" and i was so happy and i said thank you so much maddi i love you so much.

So the days went past and we were texting each other and everything but when ever we were skyping he didn't look so happy he look happy but not like he was in love with me anymore but i just kept it myself and was just happy i was with him again.

2 days went by and i go a long text from Maddi say "i'm really sorry for this but i'm breaking up with you because when you broke up with me it really hurt me and when we got back together it didn't feel the same i didn't feel that love like i did before i'm really sorry i will always love you xoxo.

I couldn't believe what i saw i started crying my eyes out i loved him so much and i said to myself there is no way i could fix this at all so i was sitting there crying and crying i just didn't know what to do with myself i didn't know who to talk to didn't know to  tell my feelings too and worst of all i lost my best friend and there was no way i could fix that friendship and that relationship.

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