Niklas Landin fanfiction


1. Niklas Landin fanfiction

I was lying in my bed, while I looked at my posters on my wall. All photos were with Niklas Landin my big hero. I thought of tomorrow, where I was going to see the WM handball finals between Denmark and Spain.

It was very difficult to fall asleep. Imagine if I met Niklas Landin, it would be my biggest dream coming true. Meanwhile, I thinking of the most exiting day tomorrow, I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and hastened to get ready game. We were going to Herning. I ran down and ate my breakfast, before we had to run. Shortly after we drove towards Herning. I rejoiced wildly. I did not noticed the long ride to Boxen in Herning at all. It should be an exciting fight Denmark against Spain. We drove across Fyn, meanwhile I was reading the book about Niklas Landin. I had already read the book twenty-fifty times before, but I thought it was just as good, as when I read it the first time. Imagine if I met Niklas Landin, the best goalkeeper in the world. It would be so cool. But the chance to get a picture or an autograph of him was very small. One could only hope. We got closer to Jutland. I sat and fidgeted in the car, now we were almost there.

 Suddenly it gave a jerk in the car. We had finally arrived. I jumped out of the car and ordered my parents to hurry.

Our seats in the arena, was right behind the dogout. At the second I saw Niklas Landin, he was warming up for the game. The match was about to begin. Niklas approached the dogout and me. My heart was about to explode. He looked right at me. And he asked me if I would enter the lane with him to sing the national song, standing right next to him. I was speechless, I could not say a word, but I nodded.

Denmark won the match 23-22, they were world champions. After the match Niklas came over to me again. He gave me his goalie jersey and the match ball and finally I had my photo taken with him and of course an autograph on the ball.

It had bin the best day of my life.

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