Same Old Love

We follow the adventure between Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez. Who will win her heart? This daring love triangle dares to go further. Kinky, humorous, friendship, and most importantly.. love. Starring: Celebs. Jelena and Zaclena/Zalena, other ships to be decided! (COMMENT SUGGESTIONS!)


1. Begin Again?

Begin Again?

~ (Before) At The Club ~

Taylor: "Selena! Hurry up! The car is leaving!"

Selena sighed as she finished a touch of her makeup and straightened out her dress. It was a special night, there was a new special VIP club that opened downtown LA and her BFF's Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Taylor was going to be there. Taylor was busy with the cars to notice her change. Of course, she helped pick out her new dress. That was because her ex - Justin Bieber was going to be there. Taylor Swift (and she quote) "needed to look as sexy as possible." Needless to say other guys were going to be there as well so she and Taylor both planned the whole night out on the drawing board.

Taylor's Dress Above; Selena's Below

A new dress for her and Taylor (Both Girl Code for attending a party with Ex's) because of their stupid ex's. Taylor just broke up with Calvin Harris because he got back with Ellie Goulding. Their plan was to go cute and kinky while rumor has it Zac Efron and Shawn Mendes were going to be there. A match made in heaven. Or as Taylor Swift likes to say "A match made in Disney Heaven." (*hint *hint Zac Efron) Selena always blushes at the thought of Zac, but feels guilty because Justin always comes up on her mind. 

There was a special for all the celebs going. Karaoke! So, of course why NOT go?

Selena went out of the door. Taylor's mouth made a popping sound as it stayed there wide open.

Taylor: "Damn girl! There is a 100% chance you are totally gonna be noticed tonight!"

Selena: "I could say the same about you!"

They both went in, talking about new albums and girl stuff as such as Selena's private driver drove off.


~ At The Club ~

Party music can be heard left to right. As Selena and Taylor stepped out. Quite a few wolf-whistles were heard. The guard let them in immediately.

Party music was heard as they stepped in, Taylor and Selena both nodded at each other as they stepped on the dance floor. There was Zac Efron and Shawn Mendes chatting at a bar. Zac noticed Selena immediately.

He smiled at her. Selena blushed. They had met before at a different club. Zac once even paid a stripper to tap dance for her. She was laughing the whole night as she got into the car.


Author's Note: Please Read!

Yay! I'm done with the intro! Justin will be featured later in the next chapters. I for some reason adore jealousy prompts! Not much of them from what I seen.. Be prepared from loads of jealous from me! But the pairing will be decided from COMMENTS! So, Justin or Zac? I'd like some Taylor x Your Choice ideas! I just came up with Shawn at the top of my head. Sorry if that bothered you a bit! Yes, I think I understand that Zac may have a girlfriend, but they are SO perfect for each other!  Just ignore that fact for the sake of my shipping ego. Please Comment Suggestions! TY! ~ Stay Frozen my queenies <33

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