Unexpected love

This story is about 15 year old Danae who just moved. She's never switched schools. She is used to small town where every one knew every one. She's not used to change but when her brother befriends Nash Grier her world will turn up side down


4. School and

it's been a week since sierras mom died she not as bad now. I have school today so I woke up at 5:30 school starts at 7:25 but I want to smoke before so I went into my crawl space I was about to take a hit when someone knocked on my crawl space door impending it it was just Sierra she came in and we started smoking but then my phone went off and it was Nash he asked if he could walk me to school I accepted of corse I out on a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a pink Floyd crop top I put my hair in a pony tail and did my make up I grabbed my phone and a pre rooled blunt  and headed out the door. Sierra got a ride with Jackie and me and Nash's walked we lif up the blunt and smoked it all when we got to school we where baked so I decided to go to the bathroom and put eye drops in then this girl walked in she looked like a total slut I smiled at her she just glared hmm what's her problem I thought. I walked out and Nash was waiting for me. Me and Sierra managed to get all the same classes Nash only has lunch with us (lunch) me and Sierra walked into the lunch room and sat down with Nash and the same girl walked up to Sierra and I " hey I'm Samantha don't bother telling me your name I don't care " she said as she walked away " wow she's a bitch" Sierra laughed Nash suddenly jumped out of his seat " mattttttttttttt" Nash yelled a brown eyed boy came running  towards us I looked over to Sierra she was just sitting there staring at him. She was interrupted when Matt sat by her " hey beautiful you must be Sierra Nash was telling me about you " Sierra just blushed and looked down mat and Sierra went to hang outside me and Nash stayed back and talked (after school)  Nash decided to come over and smoke with me we sat in th crawl space when stuff got heated 

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