Unexpected love

This story is about 15 year old Danae who just moved. She's never switched schools. She is used to small town where every one knew every one. She's not used to change but when her brother befriends Nash Grier her world will turn up side down


1. One

  I woke up to a pounding on my bedroom door "Danae wake up now if you want a ride to school" my brother Jackie yelled. Ugggggggghhhhh... I slipped out of bed like a snake I walked over to my closet and pulled out a pair of leggings and a baggy led Zeppelin shirt I went into my bathroom and straightened my hair my hair is long almost to my belly button I put on light make up and slipped my high top vans on. When I was finished it was 6:30 i ran down the stairs and saw my brother Jackie looking at my mom with smoke coming out of his ears "Jackie what's wrong " I asked as I stuffed my face wit a granola bar " moms making us move to North Carolina" he angrily yelled  " it's only because your dad got a job offer" my mom stated "mom we can't I have friends here I can't leave" I started to tear up . " honey the house is 4 bedroom so if it's okay with Sierras mom  she could come with us " my mother said knowing what would happen if I lefted sierra she would starve or be homeless because he mom is a drug addict the only reason Sierra is still with her is because she gives us free weed. Yes I smoke. " I'm down " I yelled Jackie just walked off pissed I followed him because after all he is my ride to school. The car ride was quiet.. I go to washougal high school he's how to say it wash/ou/Gail wierd name I know ha any way we pulled up to the hell hole I walked in and immediately saw my best friend Sierra " heeeeeyyyyyy gurl i got some news" 

i squeeled Sierra looked puzzled " you get to move to North Carolina with me.. If you want" I said looking down " of course I want to go with you. Wait will there be weed ? " Sierra asked all serious and stuff " of corse my mom gave me 200$ today for agreeing to move so we're stalking up tyler hooked us up with a dealer down there so we will get some when where down there he said the dealer is our age his name is Nash " I said with a smile Sierra just pnodded in agreement  as we walked to our first period class the red necks yelled at us to come over to there circle that stands next to the garbages "what" I said snaping at my ex Jordan " theres a party at my house tonight come?" Hahaha I laughed out loud and walked away school was over me and Sierra decided to go to her house to smoke when we got there there was the normal tweekers hanging around out side "fixing stuff" I was nice to them though because there people too me and Sierra walked to her room her room is so cool her walls are covered in tie dye sheets and she has a big collection of bongs, pipes' and swishersshe got into her lock box and pulled out a strain called big daddy purple I was so excited I have never smoked it before she let me hit greens as soon as the smoke hit my throat I could tell I was going to have a great high 4 or 5 hits later we still wasn't high so we decided to go on a walk to our hangout right up the street as soon as we got out side it hit us hard me and Sierra bolth looked at each other and started cracking up I couldn't help but almost pee my self so I ran to the bathroom still laughing I could hear her laughing outside the door and when and when I opens the do she was on the ground holding her stomach we decided to go to my house when we got there to my surprise there where moving trucks in my drive way I ran in and maw everything packed " mom what's going on are we moving right now " " yeah we're leaving like now your stuff is packed and I bought Sierra new cloths and I bought you a little something but we can't bring it on the plain so the truck is going to take it " my mom said out of breath u was taken off guard but I was fine with Jackie drove us to the airport I was nervous because I've never been on a plane 


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