Unexpected love

This story is about 15 year old Danae who just moved. She's never switched schools. She is used to small town where every one knew every one. She's not used to change but when her brother befriends Nash Grier her world will turn up side down


3. One night stand or more..

I walked over to Nash's it took like 30 seconds. When I got there Nash was already waiting at the door. " someone is exsited " I winked " ha ha ha very funny " he said taking my hand pulling me up to his room I knew what he was planing on doing or at lest I thought when we got up to his room he just stood there and looked into my eyes. " Nash?" I asked he just kept looking at me then his lips crashed into mine I felt butterfly's and saw fireworks at the same time. I pulled away looking puzzled at him " Danae your so beautiful " he sad looking at his feet I blushed " thanks " I replied the moment was interrupted bye a knock at the door we went down stairs. It was Sierra she was crying hysterically " what's wrong I asked nolding her tight " my m-mom died " she said I just looked at her I could feel my heart bing broken into little pieces 

A/N . Hey guys this is my first fanfic so it's probably not good at all but hey him trying ant was if you could give me your feed back that would be great also I know in the description it said her brother becomes friends with Nash but I didn't thank that sounded good so I decided to change it sorry for the short chapter 

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