Unexpected love

This story is about 15 year old Danae who just moved. She's never switched schools. She is used to small town where every one knew every one. She's not used to change but when her brother befriends Nash Grier her world will turn up side down


5. Is it love

Nash's lips crashed into mine. I could feel the electristy running through my body Nash's hand slowly moved down to my thighs he started rubbing me through my pants his hand moved up to my zipper he un zipped my pants. I just kept looking at him I was a virgin and he didn't know Nash was about to slide a finger in when the crawl space door flew open Sierra and matt sat  there wide eyed me and Nash blushed I zipped up my pants and mat and Sierra joined us we ended up smoking all of my weed   Luckily  is still had 150$ left so we all went to Nash's.  we decided to watch a movie I picked pink Floyd the wall because we where all stoned and that movie is trippy we where half way through the movie when Nash's brother Hayes walked in he didn't seem pleased it looked like he had a black eye Nash ran over to him " Hayes what happend " Nash sacked " these guys jumped me but luckily the new kid jumped in there still beating him up" my heart begin to race I ran down the street a lifeless body just lie there I ran up to my brother he was still breathing " NASH CALL A AMBULANCE " I cried hysterically. We arived to the hospital I ran up to the front desk "Jackie  hogan please " the Nurse gave me a sad look " he's in the ICU.......

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