Unexpected love

This story is about 15 year old Danae who just moved. She's never switched schools. She is used to small town where every one knew every one. She's not used to change but when her brother befriends Nash Grier her world will turn up side down


2. Crawl space

When we got on the plane Sierra took the window seat and I sat next to her we where watching grown ups as I slowly drifted to sleep I woke up to Sierra shaking me "Danae wake up where here" we went to the baggage claim and got our bags we got into a taxi and headed off to the new house when we got there I was in awe the house was huge I was so excited me and Sierra ran to our rooms I was stoked when I found out I had a little crawl space / hide out   I started to in pack and I came to my stoner stuff I had a idea I got into the crawl space and put a little shelf in there and I got out my pipes and bongs on it and I put my stash of weed under my Hallow lamp I had put in there I called Sierra in and she was super stoked too but soon we where bummed cuz we ran out of weed. " hey call that Nash guy" Sierra suggested I decided to text him                                                                                             


D. Hey Tyler said you could hook me up with Mary Jane? 

N. Uhh yeah sure here's my address ******************

Me and Sierra got up and noticed he lived nextdoor to me we walked up to his door and knocked a very adorable little girl answer " hewo I'm Sky who are you guys." " hey sky I'm here to see Nash " I smiled at her " nashhhhhhhhh there's two pretty girls here for you" sky yelled. I herd someone running down the stairs and there he was his blue eyes had me in awe " hey guys that was fast " he said. " yeah where neighbors " I said looking into his blue eyes we fallowed him up to his room and I was taken back his room looked completely prude

 hahah he openend his closet and it was a huge walk in and the whol closet was full of jars

    of weed and at the end of the closet there was a huge coletion of bongs " wanna smoke "

he said " of corse I winked at him"  he just smiled and bit his lip we smoked and me and

Sierra left with a 20 sack  we where smoking in my crawl space when my phone went off (

n. Hey beautiful. D hey. Cutie. N come over ? D for what N you know what D omg be right

over) hey Sierra I'm going over to see Nash............ 


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