I Need You (DRARRY)

One night stands aren't supposed to change anything. Afterwards, you're supposed to put on some clothes and leave - but neither Draco nor Harry found it easy to do that after one drunken night spent in the Room of Requirement.

Through many panic attacks, nights spent together, denial and new fluttery feelings, the two discover that maybe - just possibly - they weren't supposed to walk away the morning after. Quite possibly, they were supposed to be together.


1. Quick Author's Note

A U T H O R ' S  N O T E :

Hey! I'm Sherrie and, as you've probably noticed already, this is a Drarry fanfiction. If you don't know what that is, it's Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter (also the best ship in the universe, people - all aboard!)


This book will contain traces of foul language, sexual content and mildly triggering scenes (just some conversations about suicide and self-harm towards the end, but I will warn you if anything does have that in!)


Anyway, I guess there's some things you should know about me before you read this book:

-I like to take pictures, write, read, sing and play instruments.

-I'm probably younger than you think - oops, don't under-estimate.

-I love wearing hoodies and sweaters in unbelievably warm weathers. Yeah - don't ask.

-I love cherries, peas in pods, hot chocolates, raspberries and koalas.

-Also, another random: my music taste varies a lot. From PTV to old-time Taylor Swift.


Now that those completely random facts are over, I'm going to get on with writing the first chapter! Hope you're doing well and be sure to favorite/like/comment if you enjoy!

- Shezie. xox


(P.S.: You can also find me on my new Wattpad account: magicmuppets.)

(P.S.S.: Yeah - it's best if you don't ask about that one either.)

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