Fruits Basket plus one

13+ Kyo and Tohru are still on their honeymoon on an island when suddenly ... Tohru is gonna have a baby. But will their love last through , Crazy Obsessed stalkers, Kidnapping and death? Read to find out


4. Storks and Deliveries

Authors Note:/  So we met Yuuna mwhahaha. I love the intensity, I read stories like this all the time sorry if you think I'm a freak or something. I'm just a hardcore fangirl. Don't worry karma will come back to Yuuna. I won't let her ever be happy so lets begin with the chapter....




                     Tohru was lying in bed as she listened to her heartbeats.   Suddenly she felt an excruciating pain in her                    abdomen. ''Kyo!!'' She screamed. Kyo sat up quickly looking around his hair sticking up in all directions. ''The baby is coming'' she yelled as she started hyperventilating, Kyo ran around the room as he threw some clothes on. He picked Tohru up and ran to the car. He gently put her in and threw himself inside. As he sped to the hospital he carried her in. Nurses came in with a stretcher and carried her into the ER. Kyo's phone rang it was Yuki. ''What do you want'' Kyo yelled into the phone. Yuki held it away from his ear. Maichi is having the baby in room 146 I heard about Tohru.'' he said calmly. Tohru and Maichi had already decided to deliver in the same room if they had them both at the same time. Which Kyo thought was ironic really, and very coincidental. Yuki was in the waiting room sitting down drumming his fingers on the arm of the chair. Kyo was pacing as he cracked his knuckles, they heard two screams from inside the room. Kyo growled and Yuki winced, ''Pacing isn't going to make it any better'' Yuki pointed out. Kyo ignored him as he closed his eyes as he heard a familiar voice scream. Her dainty high pitched voice hurt his ears. After about an hour the nurses said they could come in. Kyo and Yuki filed in Maichi was dozing off while Tohru was passed out. Yuki ran to Maichi's side, Kyo sat down by Tohru's bed she was starting to stir as she opened her eyes. ''I want to name her Koneko'' Tohru said. ''It means kitten and her middle name should be Ine which means rice'' Tohru explained. ''You want to name our kid rice?'' he asked. ''Well if you don't think it's a good name-'' he cut her off. ''I think it's beautiful'' he said, ''where is she''? Kyo asked. ''Right here'' replied a voice, Kyo turned around to see two nurses walking in with two babies. The nurse handed the baby to Kyo's waiting arms. ''Koneko'' he whispered. She had Tohru's straight brown hair but had his deep amber eyes. She was small and petite like Tohru. ''Your features win'' he joked as he handed Koneko to Tohru. She was beautiful thought Tohru as Koneko started sucking on her hand. ''Tohru look'' Tohru turned around. Maichi was sitting on her bed with a baby that strongly resembled Yuki. ''We're gonna name her Miyuki '' Maichi said as she touched the baby's nose. ''Yuki-kun do you want to hold Koneko?'' Tohru asked. Yuki smiled and carefully took her out of Tohru's hand. Maichi had come to sit with Tohru so they could marvel at Miyuki. She had Yuki's silver hair but Maichi's dark eyes and Yuki's light purple ones combined to make a mysterious blue. Tohru laughed content. Her life was filling out perfectly.



        AN:/ Hello my readers. Thanks for reading this chapter was kind of boring  gomen. But it did hold an important part of the story. I like the name Koneko Ine Sohma  and Miyuki Kaiyo Sohma. They gonna be besties when they get older. Well can't stand here gabbing got chapters to write. If you have any ideas share them and i'll include then in my fanfic


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