Fruits Basket plus one

13+ Kyo and Tohru are still on their honeymoon on an island when suddenly ... Tohru is gonna have a baby. But will their love last through , Crazy Obsessed stalkers, Kidnapping and death? Read to find out


2. Mornings

Tohru came out into the kitchen it was almost noon and she had not even prepared lunch yet. Kyo was outside practicing his martial arts while Tohru sat inside the cool house and cleaned. She then felt really light headed, she looked around while everything focused and unfocused. Her stomach roiled and she ran into the bathroom. She started throwing up, ''Tohru?'' She heard Kyo ask as he peered into the bathroom. He moved her hair out of her face and rubbed her back. ''Do you want me to call a doctor, Hatori could be here in just a few hours'' he suggested as she threw up again. When there was nothing left in her system she just slumped back while Kyo supported her weight. ''No, it's just a flu i suppose'' She responded as she caught her breath. Kyo was still uneasy as she sat up quickly to throw up once more. When she was finished tears were streaming down her face as she pulled her hair back. Kyo rubbed her back trying to reassure her. He was really worried, he watched her as she got up to brush her teeth. Kyo carried her to the bedroom and quickly ran out to get her a glass of water. Tohru was lightly shivering and her hair was plastered to her forehead. ''I don't feel good'' she said as Kyo put a cool cloth on her forehead and pulled up the blankets. ''i know just try and relax'' he said. He was debating on whether he should just call Hatori. Quick as a cat Kyo pulled up the trash can as Tohru vomited. He silently got up after she fell asleep and called Hatori. Three rings and the former dragon picked up. In his sophisticated voice he said ''Hello,'' ''Hey'' Kyo responded, ''Hello Kyo are you and Tohru doing alright'' he asked formally. ''Well about that, Tohru's really sick she won't stop throwing up,'' He said He could swore he could hear clanking beyond the line as Hatori repsonded ''Yes i'm on my way, lucky for you Mayu and I are close by I reckon I will be there in about 3 hours'' he estimated Kyo sighed in relief ''Alright, see you then'' as he hung up he could hear Tohru stirring in her sleep. He was on vacation at work as his dad Kazuma was running the dojo as Kyo was gone, thank to the gods Kagura had gotten over him she got a new boyfriend, Momiji. But of course that didn't last long as Yunna a girl at the dojo who was utterly obsessed with him started stalking him. Kyo shuddered at the thought, ''Kyo?'' he heard a small voice from the bedroom. ''Right here'' he responded, Tohru was sitting up her face was pale but her eyes still shone with the everlasting brightness it had always held. Lighting up his life, ''Hatori will be here any minute'' he said as if on cue Hatori  bursted into the room. ''Kyo i am going to need you to leave'' Hatori said as he pulled out his tools and instruments. ''I need my peace to work'' .  ''Screw you!'' Kyo yelled as he sulked off to the living room. He never outgrown his anger issues. Kyo paced the floors and once in a while sat down and drummed his fingers on a nearby table. About 30 minutes later Hatori came back in his eyes were wide. He shook his head. ''Well don't just stand there is she going to be alright?!'' Kyo yelled impatiently. ''I don't want to be the one telling you this but Tohru's pregnant''   

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