Fruits Basket plus one

13+ Kyo and Tohru are still on their honeymoon on an island when suddenly ... Tohru is gonna have a baby. But will their love last through , Crazy Obsessed stalkers, Kidnapping and death? Read to find out


3. Kyo and Hatori have a little talk

Kyo just stood there ''What?'' he said after a few minutes. Hatori was already walking through the door. I'll be expecting you to tell the family tomorrow. He said without looking back, he walked out the front door without another word and Kyo heard him drive off''. Kyo silently walked into the bedroom where Tohru sat. ''Hey'' he said and mentally slapped himself. He could do better then that. Apparently Tohru was already 3 months but he has not noticed any changes. Just then Tohru started bursting into tears. ''Im so sorry Kyo! I've ruined our Honeymoon and- and'' Kyo shushed her as he stroked her hair. ''I don't think I will be a good mother'' she said tears still streaming down her face. ''Yes you will you are the most selfless, caring person I have ever met inside of my entire life''. Tohru smiled as they laid down to sleep away their worries.




                                                                   5 months later...............


            Kyo helped Tohru get up from the couch. Maichi was pregnant to and they were discussing names until Kyo and Yuki barged in yelling at each other.  They suddenly looked at their wives then shut up but still shot dirty looks at one another. ''Kyo we were just discussing baby names would you like to help'' Tohru looked at him with a radiant smile. Kyo was still down about not getting a son to pass on his martial arts techniques to. Tohru and Kyo were having a girl and Tohru was engrossed in baby names to do much of anything else.  Maichi and Yuki were to and Maichi was about the same way. Kyo was still exhausted from having to deal with Yunna at work. ''I have to go to the dojo'' Kyo said. ''Oh I'll go as well' she said as she tried to stand up. Tohru liked to watch Kyo at the dojo it was fascinating to see all the things he really was capable of. Yuki and Maichi said their goodbyes as they piled into Yuki's car. Tohru watched them until they were out of sight. Kyo then helped Tohru into the passenger side and then he himself hopped into the car. For about 10 minutes Tohru dozed on and off. Her stomach was getting really big and sometimes even though she didn't know, he heard her talking to it when she thought she was alone. The baby could come anytime now so Kyo had to help Tohru do almost everything. When they pulled up to the dojo, he then ran and assisted Tohru getting out. They slowly walked and Kyo held the door open. She then took a seat as the class started to begin. Tohru watched a beautiful black haired girl with green eyes walk up to Kyo. He ignored her and told her to get back to her place. She worked there to but Tohru never knew her name, she suspected she didn't like her because she was always shooting Tohru dirty looks when Kyo wasn't looking. When the class ended Kyo had paperwork to finish as Kyo helped Tohru into the other room. Even with her protests that she could walk fine on her own. The girl who's name was Yuuna walked behind. Tohru felt intimidated by her Tohru was reminded of her boring long brown hair and brown eyes. She was short and now fat. As Tohru sat down Kyo walked into his office. Tohru was twiddling her thumbs until Yuuna walked up. ''Hey you'' she said. Tohru looked up ''Oh me?'' she asked as Yuuna grabbed her by the collar her shirt. ''You better stay away from him or I will kill that baby and you, got it?'' she threatened. ''But we're already married''.Tohru said in her defense feeling braver then she had ever felt in her life. Defending her daughter. Yuuna's eyes flashed as she slapped Tohru. Tohru squealed the impact knocking the breath out of her. Suddenly Kyo barged through the door. Yuuna was looking innocent as she pretended to help Tohru off the ground, Kyo pushed Yuuna  out of the way as Kyo inspected her face. ''Who hit you, your cheek is all red'' he exclaimed as he caressed her scarlet cheek. ''Yuuna hit me'' Tohru stuttered, Yuuna stood up ''You brat! Think you can steal my Kyo away from me! Who do you think you are!'' Yuuna yelled ''Shut up or you're fired'' Kyo yelled back. Tears seeped down  Tohru's face, ''lets go Tohru'' he said glaring at Yuuna as she carried Tohru out of the building. When they were settled into the car, ''What did she say'' Kyo asked as Tohru dried her eyes. ''That you were hers and if I didn't stay away from you she would kill be and our baby'' Tohru recited as a fresh wave of tears threatened to spill. ''Don't worry I won't let her'' he said as he leaned in and kissed Tohru. 

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