The Adventures of Neverland

This is a funny story about a boy who ventures to a magical land called neverland.The boy has to overcome many challenges he tries to find a way off the island,but he can't leave without doing one thing...


3. The truth

Once Baelfire woke up he looked around no one was there except a black dark figure almost the size as Peter Pan.He was scared to death.Baelfire said three words only,"who are you?" and the figure said he was "Pan" Baelfire remembered the figure he was the passage onto the island.In the next few days Baelfire noticed when Peter Pan did not have a shadow at all.Baelfire went out to look for Pan.He found Pan and asked what was Pan and where he came from and Pan said "Im Peter Pans shadow" he seperated from Peter Pan to protect the island but he failed.When Peter Pan gets his hands on the heart of the truest believer there is no good on Neverland.


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