The Adventures of Neverland

This is a funny story about a boy who ventures to a magical land called neverland.The boy has to overcome many challenges he tries to find a way off the island,but he can't leave without doing one thing...


2. Peter Pan & The Lost Boys

Baelfire was alone on the island but then he heard movement of running.He ran and tripped on a rock.He then saw a boy.  The boy said that his name was "Peter Pan" and that he had been on the island for over 50,000 years. Baelfire was freaked out but he went with him to his camp.Once Baelfire and Peter Pan got to the camp there were many boy dancing around the fire. Peter Pan asked for everyone to quite down.Peter Pan then pulled a flute from his robe and started to play a song a soothing song and quickly Baelfire fell asleep.

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