The Adventures of Neverland

This is a funny story about a boy who ventures to a magical land called neverland.The boy has to overcome many challenges he tries to find a way off the island,but he can't leave without doing one thing...


4. Meeting Felix

Baelfire was confused he found Peter Pan and asked him if he would give a tour of the island and of course he said yes.Peter Pan asked Baelfire if he wanted to fly Baelfire said yes,Peter Pan took something out of his pocket and sprinkeled pixie dust on him and Baeilfire and they flew.Baelfire was amazed at the veiw of the island but he saw a little island and said lets go there But Peter Pan refused so they went to the camp.Once they arrived at the camp one of the boys walked up and ask to duel and Baelfire said he wasnt the fighting type but the boy picked up a stick and poke Baelfire so Baelfire picked up a stick and started swinging and BAM!! he hit the boy in the leg and he said sorry but the boy jumped and grabbed the stick and ran.Baelfire was sitting on a log and then he fell off the log and got up and walked up to one of the boys and asked what was his name and the boy said "Felix".

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