The Adventures of Neverland

This is a funny story about a boy who ventures to a magical land called neverland.The boy has to overcome many challenges he tries to find a way off the island,but he can't leave without doing one thing...


1. Finding Neverland

Once Upon A Time ,there was a boy named Baelfire he found himself with a family in London because his father abandoned him .The Darlings were a great family to Baelfire but one night Baelfire saved Wendy Darling from Peter Pan's shadow and went with it. He then got dropped into the ocean waiting for someone to come.Finally, a ship came it was called the "Jolly Roger". Onboard the Jolly Roger ,Baelfire met the captain of the ship.His name was "Captain Hook" . Captain Hook took Baelfire to a magical realm called "Neverland".

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