What If? {A Divergent Fanfiction}

What if Tris didn't die? What if there wasn't a war? What if Tris and Tobias had a child? And what if Tobias "Cheated" on Tris? This story is all about what if's and stuff from the Divergent series. WARNING: Extremely terrible, first written on my private fictionpad account.


6. Over, once more

Tris, STOP!"
Gahh, Christina. Can't you just go away for once?
I pull away from Tobias, not looking to see his reaction. Samantha, who is right beside him, glares at me. Gosh, can she seriously go jump off the Chasm?
"Tris, what are you doing?!" Christina is now beside me, yanking me away from Tobias, dragging me out of the cafeteria.
"Look, Chris." I say, yanking back my arm. We are now close to the old dorms.
"What?" She sounds exasperated.
"I think I overreacted. I didn't think, I just saw him kissing Samantha and suspected that he kissed her. I know Four, and I know he wouldn't. Can I go talk to him? Please?"
Christina stares intently at me. "Okay," She says a moment later. "But don't come crying to me if he breaks your heart."
I sigh and smile, hug her quickly, then hurry back to Tobias.
"Tobias!" I shout from across the room. He's sitting next to Zeke, and his head is in his hands. When I shout, he raises it, and his eyes light up. Maybe it was a mistake. 
"Tris," His voice is quieter than mine, but I can still hear it. "Tris, what are you doing?"
"What do you mean?"
"Tris, you broke up with me, without letting me explain. I can't be with someone like that."
My heart feels as though it's breaking into a million pieces. I feel my legs buckle beneath me, and the floor is rushing to my face.

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