What If? {A Divergent Fanfiction}

What if Tris didn't die? What if there wasn't a war? What if Tris and Tobias had a child? And what if Tobias "Cheated" on Tris? This story is all about what if's and stuff from the Divergent series. WARNING: Extremely terrible, first written on my private fictionpad account.


3. Leaving

I ran back to the apartment to grab my stuff and Clem. Tears were running down my face in drops, and people stared. I would have to thank Christina later.
When I get to the apartment I see our babysitter- Liana- is playing peek-a-boo with Clem. When I slam the door, she looks at me.
"What's up?" She smiles at Clem, who runs into her room once she sees my face. Smart girl.
"Just relationship problems. Liana, would you be able to help me pack Clementine's things?" She nods, and we go into her room.
We painted it a couple years ago, and Clementine got to choose what we painted it. She chose purple, a new color to me. Tobias helped me choose the right color and everything, and it looks awesome. It also makes me sad to know that was over.
Liana handed me a bag, and we started putting clothes and things into it. I would buy her new furniture, once we found an apartment. Here, the furniture held too many memories.
"Thanks so much. Here's your cash," I hand her her check, but she pushes it back.
"No, you seem to be in a crisis. I don't need it." She smiles warmly at me. "Get better, Tris."
She leaves soon thereafter, and I pick up Clem and we leave as well. Tears overflow, and I hurry so I don't have to see Tobias.

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