What If? {A Divergent Fanfiction}

What if Tris didn't die? What if there wasn't a war? What if Tris and Tobias had a child? And what if Tobias "Cheated" on Tris? This story is all about what if's and stuff from the Divergent series. WARNING: Extremely terrible, first written on my private fictionpad account.


5. Ellie

After the tour, it was dinner, and I saw Ellie sitting alone. Even I, the lone Abngeation, sat with someone.
"Hello, Ellie," I slide into the seat beside her. Ellie looks up, puzzled.
"Hi. Isn't your name Tris?" She asks curiously. I decided to go by my real name, instead of Six. Everyone else in Dauntless knows my name.
"Yes." She takes the burger into her hand, biting on it. Every year, I've heard, they use the same food for the night of the Choosing Ceremony. "So how old are you?"
She could've been a Candor, being so straight forward. "18. Why?'
"Just wondering when you came here. Two years ago, right?"
"Yeah." And two years ago it was when I met Tobias. Tris, stop thinking about him!
"So did you and Four date or something?" How much does this girl wanna know?
"Yes. We were also married at one point." Still, I was -am- that way. Plus she would find out anyways. "How'd you guess?"
"The way he acted around you, like he wanted to say something, or do something, but he knew he couldn't.
"You have a good eye, Ellie." I look around and spot who I'm looking for by the door. "I'll be right back."
Tobias and Samantha got together, by the looks of it. I don't care, because I reach up and kiss him fiercly.

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