What If? {A Divergent Fanfiction}

What if Tris didn't die? What if there wasn't a war? What if Tris and Tobias had a child? And what if Tobias "Cheated" on Tris? This story is all about what if's and stuff from the Divergent series. WARNING: Extremely terrible, first written on my private fictionpad account.


2. "Cheater"

I walk through the pit to the parlor, looking around to see that more people are out. Most of the time people are sleeping, so I know some something is up.
"Tris!" Christina shouts, running to me. "Tris!"
"Yes?" Usually she waits for me, since I always leave later.
"I heard a bit of gossip." She says, stopping in front of me. "That Ms. Prissy kissed your man."
I stare at her. Ms. Prissy is a girl named Samantha who is trying to steal Tobias from me, even though we are married. "What? No, when."
"Just now. Look, go ask someone from the camera room or whatever it is." She turns back and calls over her shoulder, "I will cover your shift!"
I nod at her and hurry towards the camera room, and bump into Eric when I enter.
"Tris," He says like he is greeting an old friend. "I was looking for you. Come look."
He brings me over to a camera, and I see Samantha's white hair. It looks like Tobias and her are having a very passionate kissing session by the Chasm.
Eric starts laughing, and I hurry out of the room to go confront my husband.
"Tobias!" I shout, Samantha springing away from him.
"Tris, I SWEAR it's not what it looks like!" He shouts at me.
"Oh, yes it is!" The girl says, smirking at me.
I just stare at him. "I can't believe you. We have Clementine, for God's sake!" I take my wedding ring off my ring finger and feel tears stream down my face. "This, was all for nothing." I throw it into the Chasm, and turn around to run to our apartment.

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