The Secret Life of the Girl who will Never Get the Guy

This is my life. It is crazy, it is wonderful, it is depressing, it is scary, it is challenging. Smile.

I will not be putting real names in this, but the characters are real people. My name shall never be revealed.


2. The Guy I could be me around

It happened about 9 months ago. It was after I had gotten broken up with by one of my now friends. We had been in the same class for the whole year and he sat directly in front of me. I had (from the first day) thought that he was kinda cute but he was and is a year older than me. So I never really did anything about the fact I thought he was cute. Until our mutual friend (who is yet a year younger than me) gave him my number (me and a friend (who he hates now it's my fault though) blew up the mutual friends phone and he always switched tables and that day he was sitting with the boy) so he could blow up my phone. So after he had my number that first day I think I texted him to ask him something about the homework. After that day we talked everyday that week (skipping weekends for a little bit) and the week after that and the following week, and we talked like that adding on weekends at some point. He is a frequent video gamer so one day when he said he was playing video games I felt that I was interrupting, so I said I could go, he then said that I was fine, I asked how he was gaming and texting, he said that's why there was a pause button. We had been "talking for about three months" at this point. It was the night of his last dance and my last dance of the year, we were talking like usual when he asked why I looked upset at the end of the night. I said that I was sad my crush didn't ask me to dance (by this point I had said I liked him once before (like 2 months earlier) and he didn't say anything so I "took it back") he then asked who my crush was and I was like um, this one person, and I made him guess. When he finally guessed him I said yeah... He replied with a smiling blushing emoji, I haven't looked at or used that emoji since. We then dated, for 3 days. I was happy for the first day, before I started thinking, I started thinking about how it was gonna work since he was about to go to a whole new school and I was still there and how he probably didn't like me and I was just charity. I blew up 3 days later (after using the person who he now hates phone to text him (I haven't admitted this to him, or anyone) and after sending him a long message about how I really liked him and I thought that we could make it work, he said that he didn't and we were over. Like most people we said we were gonna be friends and for the rest of the year (about 2 days) we did. On my last day I shouted across the cafeteria at him to sign my yearbook. That was the last time we were normalish around each other.

We didn't talk for 3 months. At first I texted him a few times with no reply. I sorta gave up, I didn't wanna bother him. I texted him towards the end of the summer to ask what math class he was in (we are in the same math class even though I am a grade behind I am in the same class and I go to high school for that class) it turned out we are in the same class this year. We talk a few times a month now. I try not to be annoying but the last time we talked I guess I was. He was gaming and I said sorry I can go. He didn't reply. I sent him a picture of my sonic cup (an inside joke), then asked if he was still gaming? I then said night with no reply.

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