Annie has a crush on Luke but she can't be with him cuz your brother is Michael and they hate each other so its forbidden


5. 4.

Luke’s POV

“I’ll be in my room!” I shouted to my mum and closed my door. I was bored so I figured I could put another cover online “Um, hi guys" I said to the camera, I decided to sing “The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars but I had to "forget" a part in the song but anyways once I finished I decided to call Lilliann

*On the phone*

Someone: Ello?

Me: hi, who is this?

Someone: Michael, who is this?

Me: um Luke

*end of phone call*

Michael hung up after. He hates me and I don't know why, but that’s pretty much the only reason I hate him back “I’ll just wait for Lilliann to call me back" I thought to myself so I don't have to deal with Michael again

Annie’s POV

When I woke up I walked downstairs and saw Mikey playing video games “Hey" I said sitting down next to him and grabbing the other controller “That twerp from school called you" he said not taking his eyes off the screen “Twerp?" “Luke" “Oh, what did he want?” “Don’t know, didn't give him enough time to answer” he said shooting the head off a zombie “Oh" and then I got a text from Haley

H: Hey wanna watch a movie?

M: What movie?

H: Idk but I cant look it up

M: Can we do something else?

H: Like what?

M: The park

H: Um, alright

M: Meet you there?

H: Yeah, see you in a bit

M: Bye

“I’m going to the park" “With who?" “Your mum" “We have the same mum loser” he laughed “So?” “Do you have your phone?” “Yeah" “Is it charged?" “You sound like a parent" I teased “Shut up, well is it?" “Yes dad, it’s charged" I teased “Okay, tell Haley I said hi" “How’d you know I'm going with Haley?" “Lucky guess" he smirked and I left

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