Annie has a crush on Luke but she can't be with him cuz your brother is Michael and they hate each other so its forbidden


4. 3.

*On The Phone*

H: Ello

Me: hey can you come over

H: Right now?!

Me: no next 10 years!, Yes! Now!

H: okay but you know I don't have a car

Me: is Cal still with you?

H: yeah

Me: well tell him to drive you

H: okay (Cal can you drive me to Annie's)

Me: Hurry!

H: we're leaving right now

Me: okay bye

H: later

*End Of Phone Call*

I only live a few blocks away from Haley so they got here pretty fast. As I was walking down the stairs The door opened, and Hal comes in "How did you get in? It's was locked" I said confused "you have me the key remember?" She said like it was obvious "nope" "well you did, anyways what was the emergency?" "Come on let's go" "go where" "The pound" "Ohhh are you getting a dog?!?!?" She asked excitedly "No, a cat" "oh, well cats are alright than I guess" "You are Lucky Mikey is not here!" "I said there alright" "yeah yeah okay let's go, wait is Calum still out side" "yeah" "tell him to drive us" "Hey, he's our friend not our driver" she said defensively "your just saying that because your in Looooovvvveeee with him, but plz plz ask him he only listens to you" "shut up!, fine I'll ask him" we walked out the door "hey cal can you drive us to the pound?" "Ohhhhh you guys getting a dog!!?!?!" "No I already asked her and she said she's getting a cat" "ohh well okay than" he said while pulling out of the drive way. "Well what was the surprise Annie" Haley asked me "ohh well um Mike got me a kitten" "and you want another one?!?" Cal asked "No, this one is for Mikey

It's an early birthday gift" I said "ohh" hal and Cal said in unison.

Once we got to the pound I went up to the lady that helped us earlier "you're back" she said "yep, do you have the kitten?" "Yes I do" she said "I'd like to buy it now please" I said to her "okay here you go" she said while handing me the little kitten "we're gonna go look at the

dogs" Haley said and they took off "that will be £50" the lady said "here" I said to her while handing the money "the things I do for my brother" I said to the kitten. Haley and Cal come back smiling like idiots "what wrong with you guys?" I asked "we're getting a puppy!" Haley said excitedly "Really?! What kind" I said "a German Shepard" "those are expensive" I said "well yeah but I didn't get Haley anything for her birthday plus I been saving up" cal said "oh" o said so they got the dog and we left. While we got in the car I asked "is it a boy or Girl" "it's a boy" "watch you gonna name him" I said Hal "I don't know, Cal what should we name him" Hal said to him "umm I don't know" he said not taking his off of the road "who's house is he going to stay at?" Cal ask "and you guys are now just thinking this all though?!?" I asked them "well i guess he could stay at my house" cal said "okay so I'll let you name him" Hal said "but it's OUR dog" cal said "I know but do you really think my mum will let me have another dog" Hal said "okay fine we will name him later" "Don't mean to break your lovey dovey argument that will make me throw up soon, but cal you missed my house" "ohh sorry" cal said making U turn “Thanks" I said sarcastically getting out of the car “Relationship problems” I said to kitten even though they aren’t together. I saw Michaels car in the drive through and before I walked through the door I hid the kitten behind my back.

“Hey, where’d you go?" he asked I noticed he was holding Lace “With Hal, can you put her down for a minute?" “Sure, what’s up?' “Close your eyes and put out your hands" “Okay?" I put the kitten in his hands and he opened his eyes “Annie!” he said “Happy early birthday!” “Thank you!” he hugged me and petted the kitten “What you gonna name it?" “Um, well it’s a boy, what do you think about Max?" “Sounds good” “This is the kitten I was looking at, at the pound right?" “Yep” “Thanks again Annie!” he hugged me again and took the kitten to his room. I chuckled as I grabbed Lace and walked up to my room and fell asleep.

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