Annie has a crush on Luke but she can't be with him cuz your brother is Michael and they hate each other so its forbidden


3. 2.

Annie's POV

The Bell rang and my next class was history, I have that class with Luke, Calum and Haley. "You ready to go?" Luke asked walking out of the math class "You wanna wait for Hal and Cal?" I asked "Sure" so we waited until it was almost time for the Bell to ring "Come on we better go" Luke said "Okay" and we walked to history class. Just as we walked into class the late bell rang "Where do you think they are?" I asked Luke sitting down "I don't know" he shrugged "I'm worried, its not like Haley to be late, she's too much of a good girl." I said "Well she's with Calum, he'll keep her safe" "Yeah I know but-" I was cut off by the door shutting and two people laughing, those two people just happened to be Haley and Calum. Haley came and sat in her usual spot next to me and Cal sat next to Luke. "Why were you late?" I asked sounding like a mum "Me and Cal went and got pizza" she said "You ditched?" I whisper yelled "yep" she said excitedly "I can't believe it" "why? You always tell me I should take more risks" "I can't believe that the first time you ditch it's not with me, it's with him" I said looking to Cal "Sorry" him and Haley said together "did you at least bring me a slice?" "Your favorite" Haley said handing me a slice of Hawaiian pizza "we also brought a slice for you to Hemmo" Haley handed him a slice "Thanks" "You're welcome" she said "OK class quiet down" the teacher said. Then the next 3 classes went by "Hal you coming?" I asked walking towards the door "No Cal said he'd walk me home" she said "Oh have fun" I winked "Shut up" she rolled her eyes "Later" "see ya" she waved and walked off with Calum When I walked out the front doors Michael pulled up "Ready to go?" He asked "Yep" I hopped in as I buckled up Aleshia came up to Michaels window "Where you going?" She asked "Away from you" I snapped "Hey watch it" Aleshia said disgusted "Don't talk to my sister like that" Michael chimed in "you stick up for her but not me?" She sounded hurt "Well I am his sister" I said "Whatever are you picking me up tonight?" She asked "No" Michael said and drove off

"So, you ready for your surprise?" Michael asked as if any of the stuff that just happened didn't really happen "Yeah" I said getting excited again "Good, but you can't see so here put this on" he handed me a shirt "okay, but people are gonna think you kidnapped me or something" I partly chucked "Then put your head down" he said "Seriously?" "Yes" so for the rest of the ride I had my head in my lap "OK we're here but you still can't look" he said "I'm guessing your gonna help me then" I said "Yep" so he helped me out of the car and guided me inside a building with his hands covering my eyes I heard dogs barking "are we at the pound?" I asked "Just wait" he said and we walked some more "Okay you can look" he said when he took his hands away from my eyes I saw all the kittens "Pick one out" he said "Really?!" I asked "Really" I hugged him and started looking at all the kittens then I saw this one kitten in the corner it was striped and had blue eyes it had a orangish face "That one" I said "You sure? I like this one" Michael said pointing to an all black cat "I'm sure" I said "Okay,we'll take this one" he told the worker "Oh that's the runt of the litter, are your surely?" She said opening the cage "Yes" I said a little annoyed "OK then" she got the kitten out and handed it to me. I looked over at Mikey and he was still looking at that black cat. "Can you save that kitten for me?" I whispered pointing to the cat Michael was looking at "Sure" she said "Ready to go?" I asked "huh? Oh yeah" Michael said and walked over to the counter. After we payed we drove home "Do you know what it is?" He asked "What do you mean?" "Is it a boy or girl?" Oh its a girl "What you gonna name it?" "Hmm I like the name Lace" I said "Really?" "Yeah" "Ok, welcome to the family Lace" he chuckled I went inside and took the kitten to my room and put her on my bed and Michael walked into my room "I'm gonna go get some stuff for her, you wanna come?" He nodded towards Lace "um no its alright" I said "Ok" once I heard his car leave I called Haley.

Author note

Okay so that all for chapter two.. This book thingy will get updated soon..

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