1. Introduction

Make note this is just the introduction and if you are reading this only after this chapter was released I encourage you to stick around for, my actual entries to come. I am simply putting this our before I release an entry to get feedback on weather I should follow through with such an idea. Please feel free to contact me with whatever feedback you wish to give me.

You don't have to read this page if you do not want to for it is just a short introduction.


This book is being published as a sort of diary. My real dairy, which I write in frequently, will not be published on this site just yet. However this book will contain my own thoughts on my life situations for, one of the few reasons I have chosen not to publish my written diary is because it has dates all the way back to September 17 and the issues I had then do not apply to me anymore. Perhaps at some point in the near future I will decide to publish my real diary for all to see but, that is up to you, if you request it I will do it. 

The name 'Kit' has a bit of a back story to it if you care enough of it to hear about it. Ever since grade six I have had a fascination with World War Two stories, true World War Two stories and in one of my personal favorites, 'Diary of Anne Frank', Anne names her diary Kitty, Kit for short. As I feel a strong connection with Anne I thought naming my very own diary Kitty or Kit would be a great way to honor her and just the perfect name for my diary. 

I am sorry that I may post chapter a time due to not knowing when I should finish this book and move on to the next. Of course in this book due to safety issues I will use all fake names for both my friends, family and anyone else I happen to cross paths with. 

I hope you enjoy the read. 


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