BadGirl to GoodGirl

Bad girl, Good boy.. Haha seems like fun is in the airrrrr (Luke Hemmings)


3. chapter 3

Cleos POV

I walked into school the next day chewing like 3 pieces of gum.

I walked to my locker blowing a bubble and everyone moved out of the way

"That's right bitc*es, move" I chuckled and unlocked my locker

"Hey Babe" Michael said walking up to me

"Hey, c-" I said but got cut off

"Cleo come with me please" my teacher said to me and I rolled my eyes and groaned.

"Bye Mikey" I said and walked behind my teacher

"What?" I asked.

"Well first spit out your gum" Mrs. Daisy said.

"Are you fu*king kidding me?!" I said and she sighed. I went to the trash can and spit it out

"Happy? Now hurry, I have a life to live" I said and sat on the desk

"Well, your grades are just... Wow. How can you go that low?!" She asked

"It's easy actually. I just don't even bother" I said and laughed

"Yea I'm not Laughing. Ok Cleo, we are done with this. I just wanted to let you know, you have a new tutor!" She said and I raised a eyebrow at her

"Huh? No! I don't need anyone" I said and she stood up

"Clearly, you do. " she said and pulled out a stack of papers. They were my tests

"Look through them" she said and I rolled my eyes, picking up the papers and putting them on my desk. All they read were F's and D's

"Do I have to look through ALL of them? I get the damn point" I said and she looked at me strictly

"No. Well your tutor is Luke Hemmings... Luke come In please" she said and a kid walked in. I recognized him. He's the quarterback. But he is like a total studying freak

"Hey, I'm Luke " he said and put 5 big books on the table. "You'll need these books in every study session we have. You don't have it, then I don't know." He said and then handed me a notebook. "You can keep track of when we meet in here. The first time we meet I'll see when you're free and I'm free and we will put it together like that, got it?"

I looked up at him. He was really tall wow.

"Yes sir" I said and he nodded

"Good. May I get your number so I can call you?" He asked and I looked at him

"I um I don't have a phone" I said

"That's ok. I'll just look for you around school" he said and grinned at Mrs.Daisy. Ugh what a teachers pet. Kill me

"You may go, Luke" she said and he nodded

"Bye" he said to me

"Bye" I said quietly back

"Mrs. daisy. Why the hell did you pick him?" I asked

"He seemed good for you. Like he could change you. In a good way"

"This is stupid."

"Once it helps, you'll thank me."




All that fancy stuff :)

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