BadGirl to GoodGirl

Bad girl, Good boy.. Haha seems like fun is in the airrrrr (Luke Hemmings)


1. Chapter 1: Meet the characters

Cleo: The badass. No one messes with her. She's a freakin rebel. God, you mess with her, she'll make your life a living hell. Biggest player of the school. Has slept with, ALL the boys in her grade. Lavender hair. Junior

Michael: Cleos boyfriend. Absolutely loves her. Also a bad kid. Gets really bad grades. Red hair. Senior.

Calum: The best friend. Calum is Cleo's best friend, she has slept with Him before also. Calum is the tag along, always with Cleo, 24/7. Bully, Meanie, Idiot, stupid. We could go on with names for this idiot. Senior

Luke: Smartest kid in the grade. But Older than Cleo. Has a girlfriend. May be smart, but plays football. Star Quarterback! Senior

Brittany: Luke's girlfriend. Doesn't get good grades though. Luke doesn't exactly like her, but can't break up with her either. Junior. Dirty blonde hair.

Ashton: Lukes best friend. Also good in School. Plays football also, second best player on the team after Luke. Dirty blonde hair. Senior.

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