The not so good type

Masie was about 16 when she moved back to her home town. Her family left for her fathers new job when she was 3. Now it was different. She made friends with 2 girls; Kira and Alyssa. Who keeps her from trouble including luke hemmings and calum hood.

**trigger warning around the end **




Today was my first day for my new school.

I was heck of a lot nervous.

When my sisters and I first walked up to the office we were getting a lot of stare but I didn't mind.

Anyways are lockers are right next to each others but mine is next to this boy I haven't gotten to meet yet.

"Hey masie you excited!" Alex stated .

"Uh hell yes" but actually I was just plain nervous .

AN: you can wait til next chapter there kinda short so hopefully next chapter will be longer !


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