The not so good type

Masie was about 16 when she moved back to her home town. Her family left for her fathers new job when she was 3. Now it was different. She made friends with 2 girls; Kira and Alyssa. Who keeps her from trouble including luke hemmings and calum hood.

**trigger warning around the end **


6. !

AN: I wrote this while sitting in a car so there might be a lot of typos.also I'm writing this while going to go to see and see the good dinosaur I'm really excited okay so anyways.

-Masie's POV-

As I was sitting there it was getting worse so I walked over there to them and gave them a look they still didn't notice me.

"Mhm I think you guys should get a room don't you agree?" I said with a smirk on my face.

"Uhm uhh .... when did you uh get here? Please don't tell dad ?" Alex pleaded.

AN: cliffhanger haha I don't know why I keep doing cliffhangers they're fun but I might just might update after the movie. My friend is trying to force to update once a day I just I can't do it only once! 😏

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