The not so good type

Masie was about 16 when she moved back to her home town. Her family left for her fathers new job when she was 3. Now it was different. She made friends with 2 girls; Kira and Alyssa. Who keeps her from trouble including luke hemmings and calum hood.

**trigger warning around the end **


7. lucky strike

"And why shouldn't I ? What are my reasons for not telling I mean you've been so selfish and a jerk to me. Idk you did tell dad a lie about me since your were jealous of my old boyfriend so. Ya I think I'll tell him because aren't we getting even?" I said with a big smirk on my face.

"No please sis I'll do anything please?"she pleaded.

"Oh! Anything?"I said.

"Yes anything please just please don't tell!!!"

Jeesh desperate.

AN: okay so leave in the comments some ideas what her punishment should be.

Like maybe if masie should tell her dad and what that punishment could be.

Or you could throw ideas of the anything she will you.

My favorite idea that I read will get a part in my story.

Have fun an good luck!

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