The not so good type

Masie was about 16 when she moved back to her home town. Her family left for her fathers new job when she was 3. Now it was different. She made friends with 2 girls; Kira and Alyssa. Who keeps her from trouble including luke hemmings and calum hood.

**trigger warning around the end **


13. just an AN

Okay guys so it's Linlee I just wanted to thank you all for over 4000 readers that's amazing I didn't even think I would get to 100 in all honestly! Well I wanted to inform you all that I'm deleting this fanfic probably by Thursday. It's just I was inspired to keep gong on this story by all the comments I would get but now I'm not getting any and that was what was inspiring me to keep going and it's just not working out so this story won't be up that long anymore so I'm like really sorry right now but my best friend whose name is also masie even told me I shouldn't keep going if I don't know how people fell about it other than her. But if I get some feed back before Thursday I'll keep going because there is suppose to be sequels to the end in Kira and others point of view of how they feel about it and all so ya that's it. I'm really sorry in all honesty but ya that's all the given info that I'm giving anyways have a nice day bye. ~ Linlee

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