The Evil Inside of You

Anya has awoken from a coma that has stolen a year of her life. The real world will be difficult for her, especially when she can't leave the hospital right away. She will make a new friend, and continue to learn how to be 'normal'.
(This is a sequel to my other story It's All in Your Mind)


2. The Boy

“What do you mean I can’t go home?!” Anya exclaims at the doctor’s news.

“You aren’t healthy enough to go home,” the doctor looks over the papers on his clipboard of the young girl.

“My mother is a doctor, she can take care of my arms,” Anya looks over her arms, something she can’t stop doing. “And, I won’t forget to take my medicine ever again.”

“You’ve been in a coma for a year, Anya,” the doctor sighs. “You are lucky to be alive and awake. You really damaged your arms. We need to keep you here to monitor you. You’ll go home in a month or so.”

Anya bites her bottom lip to keep the tears from flowing. “You think I’m crazy. Don’t you? I have a mental illness and I need to be locked up.”

There’s evil inside of you, Anya. They will never trust you. You’ll always be watched.

“That’s not true, we just want to make sure you are one hundred percent healthy before sending you home. Right now, you aren’t healthy enough to leave.”

And you’ll never be healthy enough. They lie to you, Anya.

“Fine! Then can I please get out of this boring room. I can’t take looking at these four walls every hour of every day. I’ve been awake for three days and I’ve been stuck in here.”

“That can be arranged. We have a room where you can go and talk to other patients.”


Anya walks into the room full of people with different mental illnesses. The doctors are able to watch with the many hidden cameras spread around the room. No incidents have happened for many months though, so the doctors are giving the people in the room more responsibility.

Anya takes a look around at the all the poor souls. A group of girls are coloring at some table, and a table of guys are playing cards at another. Anya doesn’t feel like trying to join a group that have been together for who knows how long, so she looks around for someone that is alone.

Leslie stands alone in the corner, mumbling to himself as his hands won’t stop messing with one another. The poor boy hasn’t left the hospital in years, and he has a skin condition that leaves him very pale. His pale blonde hair, light blue eyes, and skinny demeanor just add to his poor looking state.

Anya takes a deep breath and walks over to the boy. “Um, hi.”

“Hi, hi, hi,” Leslie looks at the Anya before quickly looking away.

“Um, what is your name? I’m Anya.”

“Leslie, Leslie. Anya.”

“Oh, uh, hi Leslie. Why are you all alone?”

“Alone, alone.”

“You don’t say much, do you?”

“Say much. No,” his eyes look down at the bandages on Anya’s arm. “You’re hurt, hurt.”

“Oh,” Anya looks down at her arms as well. “Yeah, I did that. They changed the bandages yesterday and I saw the damage. I really hurt myself. It’s slowly getting better though.” She looks back up at Leslie.

“Are you okay?” He looks into Anya’s eyes.

“Oh, yes. I’m okay now. I am getting the help I need.”

Are you Anya? There is evil inside of you, and the evil inside of you will come out if you’re not careful.

“I’m fine,” Anya growls.

Leslie takes a step back and whimpers. “Angry, angry. Sorry.”

Anya shakes her head of the voices and reaches out for Leslie who takes another step back. “I am not angry at you Leslie. I just, hear things sometimes. I like you. My outburst wasn’t directed at you. I’m sorry if I scared you.”

Leslie takes a step back towards Anya. “Okay. It’s okay.”

Anya sighs, “Oh thank goodness. I thought I just lost a new friend because of the stupid voices in my head.”
“Voices in your head? Like me?”

“You hear voices in your head too? Is that why you’re in here?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“What do they say? Mine keep telling me I have evil inside.”

“Evil, evil. Leslie is bad and will never leave here.”

“We are a lot alike then, Leslie. How long have you been in here?”

“Years, years. Like you.”

“You like me? That’s sweet. I like you too.”


“Yes, I have a home, but I can’t go to it until I’ve been in here another month. When can you go home?”

“Not sure.”

Anya’s heart breaks as she realizes that Leslie’s parents probably dropped him off years ago and have no intention of ever picking him up. He probably can’t leave because of his mental illness, and may never get out of here. Anya can’t bear to think about when she has to leave and he’ll be stuck in here. She has to get him out when she gets out.


“Daddy?” Anya asks as the doctors examine her arms and her father sits nearby.

“Yes dear?” Mr. Yamazaki smiles at his daughter.

“I made a friend yesterday, and he’s been stuck here for years, and I know he isn’t being treated the way he needs to be, and I don’t want to leave him when I’m released, and I just want to know if we can do anything,” Anya takes a deep breath after she finally lets out all she wants to say.

“Oh, um, what is this boy’s name?”

“Leslie Withers,” Anya nibbles on her bottom lip as a little pain shoots through her arm.

“He can’t leave,” the doctor fully removes the bandage and places a sleeve of sorts onto Anya’s arm. “He’s unstable.”

“Only because he doesn’t get the help he should. He is such an interesting boy if people would just talk to him. He needs to be in an environment where people love him. He wants to be. This place is not good for him.”

“Anya, dear,” Mr. Yamazaki speaks up. “I’m not promising anything, but I’ll do what I can.”

“Oh, thank you so much, daddy,” Anya lets a big, pure smile take over her face.

This small act of kindness won’t right the evil inside of you, Anya. You’ll always have it in you. You can fight it all you want, but it’s not going anywhere.


Hope you liked it! Since this is just a short story, only two or three chapters left, and I'll try and get them up today. :D

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